Why is Browzly Reading
Comprehension Practice App better ?

The Reading Comprehension Practice App is designed to create a personalised online reading community for each school. A safe space for school students to showcase and share everyday reading and book reviews with their peers, teachers and parents and win points. Browzly Reading Comprehension Practice app engages readers and helps them practise reading comprehension through quizzes and get personalised reading recommendations as per ability and age.

The social aspect of Browzly delivers social and instructional scaffolding benefits through teachers and student peers. Research suggests that this is seen as extremely valuable specially for children who need additional support in primary to secondary transition. Register your class now.

Why is Browzly Reading
            Comprehension Practice App better ?


Irrespective of socio-economic backgrounds students with high reading engagement scored significantly above international average on PISA’s combined literacy scale


- PISA Reading for Change (2000) report

Browzly Reading Comprehension Practice App is proven to improve students’ engagement with reading. In our pilot school, use of Browzly Reading Comprehension Practice App increased the engagement of reading by 3 times. Read the case study below to see the impact of Browzly on reading in the pilot school.


Reading Engagement 3X


Number of Books Read 2.5X


Number of Reviews 2X+

winner of kids judge bett 2020 award

The Browzly Reading App for
Children is award winning

Winner of Kids Judge Bett and a finalist in classroom aids for teaching, learning and assessment category in Bett 2020.

Browzly is an innovation

A better way to support and measure reading comprehension because this children's reading app is inclusive for students with different learning styles. It is social, fun and motivating even for reluctant readers. It enables discovery of personalized age and ability leveled book recommendations for every child and also provides insightful ready made reports for teachers and parents to track and support their students' progress.


Who is the Browzly Reading Comprehension
Practice App for?

Browzly Reading Comprehension Practice App will be hugely beneficial for:

  • Teachers looking to connect their students to engage with reading and report it more informally than traditional reading records.
  • Teachers looking for comprehension practice solutions that help their students read more and progress
  • Teachers and parents looking for levelled reading recommendations personalised for each child.
  • Parents looking to inspire their bookworms, reluctant readers or home-schooled children
Reading Comprehension Practice App

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