Browzly 2018 Summer Reading Challenge


  • Students from schools, signed upto Browzly, can participate in the Browzly 2018 Summer Reading Challenge. Read and review as many books as you can this summer for a chance to win the 2018 Browzly Summer Reading Challenge. Every time you read a book between 6th of July and 1st of Sep 2018, sign in to your Browzly account via the Browzly iOS app or the website and add your book and/or the review via the Add button at the bottom of your Browzly account screen.
  • There will be 3 groups of competing children and 2 prizes in each group:
  • 1 prize for the child reading highest number of books
  • 1 for the child posting highest number of valid reviews
  • The groups are as follows:
  • Group 1: Year 2/Grade 1 and below
  • Group 2: Year 3/Grade 2 to Year 6/ Grade 5
  • Group 3: Year 7/Grade 6 and above


  • Six lucky readers, participating in the Browzly 2018 Summer Reading Challenge, will have a chance to win two free structured art classes worth AED 300 each, with Little Masterpieces Art Appreciation & Creation. At Little Masterpieces, children not just create their own Masterpieces inspired by famous artists such as Van Gogh or Picasso, they also learn about the history of art. Their facebook link will show you the excellent work Little Masterpieces does.  


  1. Books and reviews added from July 6th 2018 until Sep 1 2018 only will be counted towards the challenge.
  2. All children, signed up by their schools, will be automatically enrolled in the competition, when they sign in to Browzly and start adding books/reviews.
  3. To access Browzly- once your school invites you, download the Browzly iOS app from Apple app store or login on (login from the website will be available by the 20th July 2018).
  4. All winners will receive winner certificates
  5. Prizes may be redeemed at Little Masterpieces Winter, Spring, or Summer workshops 2018/2019. Or Saturday /Thursday term time classes (offered from September 2018-June 2019) that are held at various locations and schools around Dubai.
  6. Prizes cannot be redeemed for Cash
  7. Browzly and your school’s joint decision in validating reviews and prizes will be final.
  8. Invalid and inappropriate entries, reviews, comments may be deleted


  • To be announced at the end of the competition