Browzly is an award winning reading for pleasure technology designed for students (KS1 and above) to improve reading and provide ready-made assessment reports to teachers & parents to support and track every single child’s progress at their level. Browzly is proven* to improve reading engagement and can be used for whole classrooms, whole schools and home learning.

*A 13 month long study in a pilot school showed 3 times increase in reading engagement- a metric which data from PISA proves has a higher correlation to reading literacy achievement than factors such as time spent on homework, relationships with teachers, sense of belonging or even pressure to achieve.

Yes, schools can use Browzly to connect the members in their school community and help them stay connected. Teachers can use resources on Browzly or create and share lessons and quizzes themselves and track their students’ understanding instantly.

1) Browzly connects same school members - teachers, students and parents in an online social community to share what they read, book reviews and recommendations to inspire everyone to read and engage in online book chats.

2) Members get personalized book recommendations based on age & Lexile text measures, take self-marking comprehension and reading practice quizzes, and swap books with each other.

3) Book quizzes on Browzly are created to test content domains as per English National Curriculum 2016 Reading test framework for KS2 prominent ones being- Vocabulary, Inferring, Phrasing, Explaining, Retrieving, Sequencing, Synthesizing.

4) Allows teachers to also create, curate and share multimedia lessons and self-marking quizzes for their own school members.

5) Generates automated reports and insights for every child and the whole class to help track pupil progress and attainment against learning objectives, and plan targeted interventions. Students earn points for consistent reading practice, sharing reviews as well as their performance on the quizzes taken.

6) Every year in July & August, members may participate in an online reading challenge and win coveted titles such as writer of the best text reviews, creator of best video review. The challenge is judged by noted members of the community such as head teachers and authors.

2020 Browzly Reading Challenge is a part of the Children's University Activities Network and you can earn stamps every week to mark your Children’s University passport by participating in it. Each stamp verifies that you have participated in the 2020 Browzly Reading Challenge for that week which means reading 1 or more books in that week and then adding them to your Browzly account together with a text or video review. Once you complete this you can mark your passports and later also add this code to Children’s University Online, the digital platform. The stamp code for 2020 Browzly Reading Challenge is available in the FAQ section when you login on your Browzly account. To create an account please download the app from App Store or Google Play and Register as a new parent or teacher and then add your students. Browzly Children’s University activity code is set to 4 hours and each child can use this code maximum once a week until August 30th 2020

If you are a school or a teacher you may write to us on or you may download the free Browzly Apple or Android app and register as a teacher. Teacher accounts are free for life. Once you are ready, Browzly support team will help you sign up your classes. Parents can download the Browzly Apple or Android App and sign up their students. Once registered, members can login through either the website or through the mobile apps

Once signed in students discover personalized reading recommendations based on their age and ability to handle text complexity. Once verified, members can connect with other members of their school in a reading community that allows them to share the books they read, discuss them, share video and text reviews and take book quizzes available on Browzly. Schools can select book lists from their libraries to upload on Browzly, so members can see library books relevant to their age level. Members can also share their personal libraries and swap their own books with each other. Teachers & parents can view books recommended for their student(s), search books by topics, generate reports and records of their students’ reading and progress.

Browzly has been adopted with success by students across various year groups from KS1 to sixth form that is students from age 6 to 18 once the child starts to read independently. For quizzes, complexity and questions are driven by the book level and not the year group level it is targeted towards.

No, Browzly is not an online ebook reader. You may access books through Browzly by requesting books when added by their school in their school library on Browzly or by their school members to their swap shops.

Browzly can be used in a number of different ways to make reading enjoyable in class-

1. Read aloud regularly in class and get the children to record their independent reading on Browzly regularly, add reviews, take book quizzes and engage in book chats on Browzly.

2. You may create a book quiz on Browzly (check the + tab on you teacher account) and share it with your students, you may attach a video, audio or image as well to your quizzes

3. Ask students to use the ‘Review’ feature of Browzly after guided, independent and home reading sessions. Individual or groups of students can also be encouraged to record each other talking about the book they read to summarise their learnings or demonstrate specific skills taught and acquired in the classroom or during their independent reading. Younger kids and children with learning difficulties find video reviews extremely helpful. You will be able to see these later in your own

4. Create Posts: Verified teachers can login on the Browzly app, website or web-based school portal and create posts for their class. These teacher posts can have multimedia resources with pdf, videos or images and a call to action of what you wish your students to do. You can use this feature to post a class activity, a question, a learning resource or even a competition. You can use it as you like and select who you wish to target by class and user type- parents or teachers. The post once sent, notifies the users and can be seen by them on their devices. Please see the blog on Browzly website for more on this.

5. Once you register you will be able to access the Help section on your school portal to find interesting class activities using Browzly that help students to read more, read together and build valuable skills such as- reading fluency, comprehension, enterprise, negotiation, communication, presentation etc. You need to be a verified user to access the school portal.

6. Explore the recommended tab to discover books to read in your class, you may find these in the school library or access through member swapshops. To make reading interesting as well as appropriately challenging, book recommendations on Browzly are personalized to every student according to their age, interest and reported complexity of texts read by them. Teachers see books that are recommended for their students according to the year group they register with.

7. Ask students to record their daily at home reading on Browzly so you can monitor it easily in your own time. The student profiles will automatically get created on the app as well as on the school portal for you to track their progression.

8. Don’t forget to make encouraging comments, likes and book recommendations for children to get inspired.

9. Invite parents to login and view their children read, speak, write and present, evidence and observation would be so much easier.

10. Every year, during summer holidays (July and August) Browzly runs a Summer Reading Challenge, talk to your children about the challenge and encourage them to read and stay connected during the long summer break. Detailed mechanics and terms are published on the Browzly website closer to date.

Reading at home with a parent is extremely valuable specially for early and developing readers. Here are a few ways to make this time more rewarding-

1. Ask or help your child to add the books they read on Browzly, this will help make their reading visible to them, be proud of and also see the profiles of their friends reading. Addition of books read by your student helps Browzly build book recommendations that are personalised to your child’s reading interest and ability to handle text complexity and potentially match their reading level.

2. Book quizzes when available will automatically pop up for your students to take.

3. Allow children to make independent selection of the books they wish to read. Explore the recommended tab to discover books tailored to your child’s level and interest, having the right level of challenge is critical to make reading enjoyable. Children may lose interest in reading if it is too difficult, at the same time students will not progress if reading continues to be at a level that does not challenge them. Books chosen by children should be a good mix of easy to medium complexity to ensure enjoyment and progress.

4. Share and add books for swap to get children excited about reading with their friends and have a continuous access to books that are interesting for them to read and at the same time build values of sharing, reusing, negotiation and collaboration.

5. Read aloud to the children or let the students read independently, then discuss the book with them or ask them what was the book about- record this conversation as a video review or if the child is comfortable writing, encourage them to write a review. Your discussion could be about- what did you like about this book? Or can you summarise the key points of the plot, who was your favourite character, what do you take away from it, who would you recommend it to or higher order comprehension topics like what did you think of a character’s action, why does he do this, how does it compare to another character, setting, writing styles and devices, key vocabulary, etc. For younger children talking about books and reading aloud will build their vocabulary and help them improve on their reading and comprehension

6. Books in the recommended tab, may also be found in the school library (when your school has added their library to Browzly, you will see this on your Browzly account) or you may access books through swapshops of your school members. Help your child add these to their wishlist.

7. Don’t forget to make encouraging comments and likes when children mark books as read or add their reviews.

8. Every year, during summer holidays (July and August) Browzly runs a Summer Reading Challenge, talk to your children about the challenge and encourage them to read and stay connected with their school friends during the long summer break. Detailed mechanics and terms are published on the Browzly website closer to date. All children signed up on Browzly will be able to participate in one reading challenge as part of their 12 month subscription to win amazing titles such as- Reader of the highest number of books, writer of the best text review and creator of the best video review.

Browzly is free for teachers. If you are a teacher, you can sign up, explore and verify yourself. To see the pricing for student upload and library, please download the Browzly Apple or Android app and sign up. This is free.

Parents can also independently download the Browzly app and sign up for a free trial.

We value the privacy of all of our users and we know you care about your privacy and the privacy of your children, so we created a Privacy Policy that explains the information we collect from users and how and when we disclose or use it. Please review the privacy policy and share with all your students in your class and their parents. Please note that for by signing up on Browzly, you or your school uploads yours, your students’ and their parents’ personally identifiable data that enables all of you to login and get appropriate book recommendations from Browzly. If you do not wish to share any information about yourself or if your students or their parents wish to remove some information, please do not sign up on Browzly. Accounts already created can also be deleted through the settings tab on the app.

Browzly is not a Library management software and likewise it does not replace the one you currently use for your school library. Browzly, only filters your library list for each student to see those books that are most appropriate for them. The objective is to enable discovery and selection of most interesting books with the right level of challenge personalized for every student. This does not require any manual effort such as sorting and labelling books in your library as is required by some of the other reading programs. It also helps child enjoy independent selection without the need to restrict them irrespective of their reading level. Browzly shows to the members recommended books that are available in your library for them to take out next, straight from their devices. We welcome all libraries to upload their lists on Browzly and invite their members to subscribe themselves. If you are a library teacher, please contact or download the free app and sign up from there. Uploading libraries has a one time cost of only GBP 80 per 1000 ISBNs added.

The swapshop consists of physical books that are owned by members of your school and are available in their home libraries. By adding them to the swap shop members are showing their intent to give/swap or sell these books to fellow school members. Browzly helps you to easily add and request these books to exchange at school. You may wish to swap or sell your books for many reasons such as - you may have already read them, or you wish to make space for some new ones. Books given away on the swap shop may or may not be returned, just remember to set your terms with the person you give them to. You may do it via the comments on the community. Please note Browzly is not responsible for loss of your or any members’ books for any reason

Yes, books in any language may be listed as long as your book has an active ISBN. To list the book on the swap shelf, you can simply scan the ISBN code of your book, from the listing screen on the app and list the book in just 2 clicks.

a. On the swap shop, you can list any books that can physically change hands such as paper backs, hardcovers or audiobooks, as long as they have a valid ISBN number on them. eBooks cannot be listed as they cannot be passed on.

b. You should list books in good, usable, and readable condition only

c. You must only list those books that are yours and you are willing to give them.

d. You must only list books that are legal and do not infringe on any intellectual property rights, including but not limited to copyrights, trademarks, and patents.

e. You must not list any contents that may cause harassment of any nature to anyone or that are not allowed in the country of your residence.

Integration with external MIS providers such as ISAMs is possible if your provider has an API that allows integration with third party app. In case, you require this, we will assess and cost this on a case by case basis.

Please write to us on to sign up or get your teachers to download the free Browzly Apple or Android app, sign up, get verified and explore. You will then be able to request a sign up of your students through the app. Teachers may also invite the parents to sign up their students and subscribe if you prefer this. After payment of requested year groups for student signups, school admins and teachers will be provided access and support to upload your students lists and access the student reading analytics

If you did not get an answer to your question, send us your question to us on along with your contact details.