10 wonderful children's book for world travel
June 11, 2021

Worldly book suggestions for all ages: Reading Challenge

By browzly
10 wonderful children's book for world travel

Browzly Reading Challenge- Travel with books with our wonderful suggestions for all ages

Getting ready for summer? Jump into the Browzly Reading Challenge with these book suggestions for all ages. We have a wonderful travel theme for our challenge this year and are encouraging you to visit as many countries and settings as you can by reading fabulous and exciting books. Will you adventure in the Amazon rainforest or trek through European cities? One thing is for sure, in doing so you’ll learn an amazing amount about a variety of people and cultures.

Here are some brilliant children’s book suggestions for all ages to keep you engaged and motivated to read over the summer holidays. Our Reading Challenge is open to 5-11 year olds and we have resources of 100+ book lists for you to access but for now we’ll introduce you with 2 wonderful recommendations for each year group. More age-specific booklists will be posted on the Browzly blog in the coming weeks but let’s get started with these fantastic stories…

Here are some book suggestions for all ages that take you places around the world…

Books recommended for Year 1-2: Ages 5-7

  1. Milo Imagines the World
Milo Imagines the World, by Matt de la Peña and Christian Robinson

Written by: Matt de la Peña

Illustrated by: Christian Robinson

What’s it about: Milo travels through New York’s subway and imagine the lives of the strangers around him….but he quickly realises that first impressions aren’t always right.

Where do we go: New York, USA

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  1. Emma Jane’s Aeroplane
Emma Jane's Aeroplane, by Katie Haworth and Daniel Rieley

Written by: Katie Haworth

Illustrated by: Daniel Rieley

What’s it about: Emma Jane whizzes around the world in her aeroplane picking up unusual passengers from some of the world’s most notable locations Tag along to find out what happens when their journey takes a disastrous turn?

Where do we go: All around the world…London, Venice, Paris etc

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Books recommended for Year 3: Ages 7-8

  1. Lila and the Secret of Rain
Lila and the Secret of Rain, by David Conway and Jude Daly

Written by: David Conway

Illustrated by: Jude Daly

What’s it about: Lila embraces the power of nature to save her home town. By working together with her environment she focuses on her feelings and trusts in cultural traditions which offers inspiration and hope for all.

Where do we go: Kenya, Africa

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  1. The Fastest Boy in the World
The Fastest Boy in the World, by Elizabeth Laird

Written by: Elizabeth Laird

What’s it about: This is an encouraging story about a young, ambitious boy and his sporting achievements. Follow Solomon through the Ethiopian capital to chase his dreams and find out more about his family’s history on the way.

Where do we go: Ethiopia, Africa

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Books recommended for Year 4: Ages 8-9

  1. The Girl Who Stole an Elephant
The Girl Who Stole an Elephant, by Nizrana Farook

Written by: Nizrana Farook

What’s it about: Join our protagonist Chaya on a daring adventure through a tropical rainforest. With friends and a majestic elephant on her team she is determined to achieve her goal and complete her quest.

Where do we go: Sri Lanka, South Asia

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  1. The Boy at the Back of the Class
The Boy at the Back of the Class, by Onjali Rauf

Written by: Onjali Rauf

What’s it about: This emotive story shows us how meaningful small gestures can be and highlights the value of friendship. This is a gentle and compassionate book that bravely acknowledges the refugee crisis from a child’s perspective. A tale of courage, kindness and inclusivity which powerfully encourages supporting those around us, no matter our differences.

Where do we go: United Kingdom, Western Europe

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Books recommended for Year 5: Ages 9-10

  1. The Ship of Shadows
The Ship of Shadows, by Maria Kuzniar

Written by: Maria Kuzniar

What’s it about: When adventure calls, our characters follow. A tale of daring journeys to distant lands, the characters travel from a harbour-town in Spain across the seas and prove that anyone can be an explorer.

Where do we go: Spain, Europe + Morocco, Africa

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  1. Journey to Jo’burg
Journey to Jo'burg, by Beverley Naidoo

Written by: Beverley Naidoo

What’s it about: Journey to Jo’burg takes us through South Africa and helps us understand the people and culture. Through the main characters we see the hardship faced by families and the strength, resilience and determination it takes to overcome that adversity.

Where do we go: Johannesburg, South Africa

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Books recommended for Year 6: Ages 10-11

  1. A Long Walk to Water
A Long Walk to Water, by Linda Sue Park

Written by: Linda Sue Park

What’s it about: This book tells the stories of two Sudanese children from different generations. Both children encounter challenges and face mortal danger and yet remain determined to improve the lives of those they care about. Based on the true story of the lost boys of Sudan, Linda Sue Park brings history to life in this touching tale.

Where do we go: Sudan, Africa

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  1. The Weather Weaver
The Weather Weaver, by Tamsin Mori

Written by: Tamsin Mori

What’s it about: This is a soulful story that harnesses the power of nature, the power of emotions and the power of feeling at home! This book navigates family relationships, memories and magic to bring together a gripping story of adventure.

Where do we go: Shetland Islands, Scotland, United Kingdom, Europe

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Where can I find more fantastic book suggestions?

This is just the start of the summer fun with Browzly. Sign-up for our Summer Reading Challenge so that you don’t miss out. Did you know, you get automatically enrolled in the reading challenge when you sign in on the Browzly app and post your reading. Read more about the challenge here.

We started with book suggestions for all ages but come back to the blog to find booklists organised by specific age groups. Our next post will be “Browzly recommended children’s books for 10-11 year olds” and we’ll have many more to follow…

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