Where does lovable Browzly 'bear' come from?
September 13, 2017

Adventures of Browzly: See where lovable Browzly ‘bear’ come from?

By browzly

Where does lovable Browzly ‘bear’ come from? Have you ever wondered? Here is a story, that will help you find out- Browzly & his adventures on Earth is the tale of the Browzly bear written by founder of Browzly – Bhavna Mishra

Browzly and his adventures on Earth- See where lovable Browzly ‘bear’ come from?

So where does lovable Browzly ‘bear’ come from? Read the story!

In a galaxy, far far away, on the planet of Bruma, there lives a Bruman- ‘Browzly.’ Brumans (bear-humans), look like bears on the Earth but they are blessed to have the compassion and intelligence of the very best of our human race.  That’s why Bruman technology was light years ahead of that on Earth.

Browzly grew up to love the books that his grandpa and the other Brumanauts brought for him from their voyages to the blue planet. Browzly’s grandpa was among the first Brumanauts to visit planet Earth.

Browzly wondered at the fascinating stories from Earth, filled with interesting human characters and curious creatures. Over the years, he had started to love the planet Earth and the books that came from there. So much so that he never went without one. Every day, Browzly read a book to the younger brumans, who sat there listening spell-bound, sometimes crying and other times bursting into uncontrollable laughter.

“Oh Bruma!” they would say, “this book is so funny!” inspiring Browzly to read even more books to more brumans, with all his antics and acrobatics.

Until one day, Browzly got the biggest surprise of his life. The Mayor of Bruma made an announcement, “Browzly has done the incredible. He has read a book from the blue planet to every young Bruman, giving them the love of reading!”

“Thank you Browzly, this gadget called ‘The Book’ is truly astonishing!”

-The Mayor of Bruma in the story Browzly & his adventures on Earth

“Thank you, Mayor!” beamed Browzly. “I love books from the Earth, they are like magic! I am happy, now every Bruman loves them too!”

“Browzly, that’s wonderful! Our Space Agency wants to reward you for this tremendous achievement, ” added the Mayor. ‘They want to send you to visit your favourite planet Earth”

“Whoa! I’m going to the Earth!!!”  Browzly was excited.

Soon, Browzly set off on his much-awaited, unexpected journey to Earth, in a spaceship called ‘The Hobbit,’ named after one of Browzly’s favourite books. “Where on Earth, would you like to go first?” asked Saraswati, the supercomputer and autopilot onboard The Hobbit.
“India!” said Browzly. “I’ve read that it is incredible!”
“What a choice!” exclaimed Saraswati happily. “I got my name from there, you know!”

In the dark of the night, ‘The Hobbit’ descended upon the gardens of Delhi Zoo

 ‘Don’t forget Browzly,’ reminded Saraswati, ‘never take off your hoodie. I’ll be watching you and you’ll be able to hear my voice in your ears.’ Browzly nodded, wore his hoodie, and slid down to the ground.

Walking around the Zoo, Browzly looked at the animals, he’d read about, they were out and active in the cool night, while the doors were closed to public. “Hello Mr Bear! Are you the Papa Bear, the Mamma bear or the baby bear?” he quipped.

Browzly climbed up a tree and hopped outside the Zoo. He wanted to see a school, where human children learnt to read.

Just then Browzly saw – the very first humans!  A group of children- packed inside a school bus. Happy faced and wide-eyed, they waved and cheered at Browzly, Browzly waved back and the bus zoomed past.

Soon, a school building was in sight, Browzly was excited. Peering through a window of a classroom, he saw a bunch of children chattering, while an older human lady wrote something on a board, her back to Browzly. It didn’t look very exciting. Browzly decided to explore the city. Cars, buses and people sped off purposely, no one noticed him.

Browzly’s eyes fell on a little girl with brownish hair, dark skin, sitting on the sidewalk, wearing a tattered frock, a mat full of colorful handmade bamboo fans, laid out in front of her.  Browzly had to talk to her. Saraswati, would translate for him, so he could talk in any language the girl spoke.

“What’s your name?” he asked excitedly. “I am Happy” the girl smiled back. “Oh! I like that name,” thought Browzly. “What are you doing here, Happy? Don’t you have school?” he asked curiously. “I don’t go to school,” The girl looked embarrassed.

“Would you like to read a book?” asked Browzly, trying to cheer her up. “I don’t know how to read, my mother doesn’t know either,” Happy looked sad.

Browzly couldn’t believe- How could a child on Earth not know how to read, there were such wonderful books here? “Don’t worry Happy. Children in Bruma also didn’t know how to. I will read to you.” Browzly pulled out a book from under his hoodie and sat down next to Happy.

“Once Upon a time, there was a little girl called Goldilocks,” started Browzly. Happy listened intently. By the time, they reached the point when Goldilocks snuggles up in baby bear’s bed, Happy finally looked happy. She had never read a book before. Listening to Browzly she felt, she could be Goldilocks. “The Bears were coming back to their cottage”, read Browzly, walking on his tippy toes in front of Happy, while she listened wide-eyed, imagining Goldilocks asleep in a cozy bed, her golden locks tumbling down from her beautiful face. “How nice must the bed be,” Happy was in another world, a world she had never experienced. She had only seen these hot and hard streets for as long as she could remember.

Just then, a policeman holding a long stick came walking by, Browzly hadn’t noticed him, neither had Happy, until he looked at Browzly suspiciously. “Hey, who are you?” asked the policeman.

‘Go away’, shouted Happy as the policeman poked Browzly’s hood and uncovered his bear-like face- “A Bear,” the man jumped! And ran back from where he came from, screaming “There’s a bear, there’s a speaking bear!”

“You need to get back, Browzly, Now!” boomed Saraswati’s worried voice

Browzly did not want to leave the story unfinished, neither did Happy. But he had to leave. Browzly took out his favorite Hookie (Honey Cookie) from his pocket and offered it to Happy, together with the book that she had so enjoyed. “Don’t worry Happy, you will learn to read, just like all the Brumans.” With that Browzly ran towards the back wall of the Zoo, far behind him he could hear a loud siren- that sounded like trouble.

Browzly, quickly hopped over the wall of the zoo and slipped inside the Hobbit. Looking into the remote view screen, he could see Happy, sitting right where he had left her- looking at the pictures in the book and happily munching on the sweet Hookie, maybe she was wondering about the special bear who just read to her, her very first book. Browzly looked at Happy fondly and thought –

“I wish every child could have a book, a book that they love.”

Now that you know where lovable Browzly ‘bear’ comes from, you can write your own stories about his adventures on Bruma or back on Earth. If you do write something send it to us on support@browzly.com and we will publish it on our blog and once we have many more we will create a book- Adventures of Browzly with you as one of the authors.

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