April 6, 2020

The Call of the Wild By John London on #20MinuteThursdays

By browzly

Listen to Chapter 6 from The Call of the Wild writted by John London in episode 5 of #20MinuteThursdays narrated by Sumeet Mishra for Browzly. Up now on the Browzly app.


‘The call of the wild’ is an adventurous tale of suffering & fortitude of a sled dog called Buck. After multiple masters, who treat the sled dogs with utmost brutality, Buck finally finds Thornton, a master he can truly love and protects with his life. Author Jack London, was a maverick, macho young man. As a boy, he led a criminal life in San Francisco Bay. As a writer, he blazed briefly, lived hard and dangerously, and died from drink and drugs aged just 40, having written more than 50 books in 20 years. London uses complex vocabulary. The story is in parts violent & brutal showcasing human savagery against animals. Age rating 12+

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