April 16, 2020

The Adventures of Danny Meadow Mouse Video Story #20MinuteThursdays

By browzly
The Adventures of Danny Meadow Mouse

The Adventures of Danny Meadow Mouse is a 1915 a classic children’s picture book written by Thornton W. Burgess and illustrated by Harrison Cady featuring on #20MinuteThursdays on Browzly. To help children read this classic and appreciate the beautiful original illustrations by Cady- we will bring you original text as as a video story in 4 parts. All the parts are now available here.


Danny Meadow Mouse starts with some inane worries about his short stubby tail that he fervently dislikes but soon comes to appreciate it as it helps him save his life is threatened by Reddy & Granny Fox, keen on his heels to make him their supper. Does Danny manage to escape? What new experience does friendship bring for Danny?

Start here with Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4 (Final Part)

This book was published a 105 years ago in 1915! In his lifetime, the author, Mr Burgess wrote over 170 books and 15000 stories, he must have been really popular in his time. What’s stands out when you read this story is how since its time, the English language has evolved. Many phrases used in this original unabridged story, although can be well understood, they have now gone out of practice. And quite a few words have a very different meaning to how they’ve been used here. There’re also a lot of similar events in the plot and proper nouns are repeated when they could have been shortened or replaced with a pronoun to make it a smoother read. The other thing we found quite different was how the plot and characters don’t carry through in the story. It appears that Mr Burgess thought pretty much like his main character Danny – who says – ‘if he thought too much about the things that had already happened, he couldn’t keep a sharp watch for the things that might happen’.

We hope you enjoyed listening to this story. Research shows that listening to stories read aloud fluently and fast- builds a more fluent and engaged reading experience for developing readers, even when texts are above the independent reading ability of the children. This helps them improve their own reading fluency and comprehension. So remember to read aloud to children and do sign them up on the Browzly app- so they can read with their school friends, share their text and video reviews, take comprehension quizzes, & discover and listen to many more books and stories.

The Adventures of Danny Meadow Mouse by Thornton W Burgess is in public domain and can be read, reproduced and shared freely. This story will be enjoyable for 5-8 year old children. Parents and Teachers can sign up their students on the Browzly app from App Store or Google Play to get reading recommendations personalized to each child’s age and reading level, listen to weekly audio stories and take fun book comprehension quizzes as they read.