How to write a book review ? A simple 6-step guide for children

How to write a book review? A simple 6-step guide for children

Isn’t keeping it fun and simple – the key to most things?

This 6-step- easy to follow guide is intended to do just that, to help inspire you to pen down (or on Browzly even video record!) a book review! You can use these steps to review any book you read.

  1. When to write a book review? A review of any book is best written when you have just finished reading that book- the plot is fresh in your mind and you remember most of it. A little nudge from the parents at this time will go a long way in getting the children started.
  1. A good start is half the battle, it will have your creative juices flowing in no time

To start off – pick a favorite quote or line from your book and write that verbatim, mentioning that it is a line or quote from your book (mention the book title and page number). Feel free to include a few words about why you chose that quote in particular…

Don’t worry, if you did not like the book  – after all, it is a review and you are supposed to give a genuine feedback, mention what you did not like and set the tone of your review –  here is an example-

“I should begin at the beginning, I know that. But the trouble is that I don’t know the beginning. I wish I did. I do know my name” – Would you call that interesting?  Well, you might, but for me, it did not catch my attention as I started reading these first lines on Page 1 of Alone on a Wide Wide Sea by Michael Morpurgo. I usually like his books, he is an award-winning author with many great books such as  Shadow, The War Horse etc to his credit…”.

  1. Next Answer the following 3 questions taking no more than 50 words to answer each:

Q1.  What was your book about?

For example- You could say- “This book is about a boy who lived and became the one to…”

Q2. What was your favorite part or character from this book and why?

If you did not have one, it is alright to mention that too. Again a why would be a nice follow-up.

Q3. How did this book make you feel? Describe the emotions you felt. Did they match with how the characters in the book feel?

  1. Finally, say who might like reading this book– For example “I recommend this book for- mention age, gender, and type of readers”
  2. A star rating: Give your book a rating out of 5 stars, here is a simple star guide for you.

5 stars= I loved this book so much that I couldn’t put it down until the end and I can read it again!

4 stars= This was a great book, I enjoyed it and can recommend it as a one-time read.

3 stars= This is a good book, some people may like it, I finished reading it.

2 stars= I did not like this book much, I finished it with some effort.

1 star= I did not like this book, I could not finish it.

  1. Now for the finishing touch: Finally, read what you wrote to make your final edits- check for SPAG (spellings, punctuation, and grammar) and summarize with a title that goes with your review!

Voila! You did it! Post it on the Browzly app, you can help your friends select good books when you share your reviews. Reviews are also a great encouragement for the writers who painstakingly create these books that enlighten us, delight us and engage us.

Happy Browzly