April 21, 2019

How to improve teacher-student communication?

By browzly

As a school parent governor and a parent myself, I often hear complaints from parents about missing important school updates. Parent partnership in schools is very often an area of opportunity, which, if maximized can benefit schools in many different ways. The school post feature of Browzly aims at solving exactly this problem- communication and connectedness. Communication for all different users – teacher-parent, teacher-student, and school – parent and even from parent governing body to other parents, can all be substantially improved using the Browzly school portal and app

Here are 10 reasons why Browzly Communicator is a superior option to those most often used?

  1. Extremely easy to use interface (view the video to see it in action): Posts are created through a web-based online dedicated school portal made accessible to school admins and teachers and can be viewed by school users on their devices, laptops or desktops through the Browzly app or the website.
  2. Attractive & friendly UI with the ability to show videos, images, and pdf files: Most social media does not allow upload or viewing of pdf files and many school communicators would need you to download any files before viewing. On  Browzly, school users- parents, students, and teachers can optionally view, search and save posts appearing in the school post feed on Browzly.
  3. No irrelevant posts- target your audience as required– Instead of school members having to set their post preferences, Browzly gives this control to post creators- the teachers and school admins. So each post can be targeted to customized and relevant school members who need to be communicated to. eg- teachers could create posts targeting just their class students or only their class parents, they could also select both. Heads of school may create posts targeting only the teachers.
  4. Notifications to select audience: When a post is created, a push and on app notification is sent to all the targeted members only- increasing the likelihood of your communication being successful as well as relevant.
  5. It’s interactive: Viewers can like and comment on posts- making it a 2-way communication! Get to know the feedback, take a poll or know who would be participating in your upcoming event/competition/meeting whatever it is that you post about.
  6. Keep it academic or use it as a full-fledged school communicator: Browzly is your school readers community but how you use the school post feature is up to you, eg- declare reading challenge winners and recommend books to read to keep it focused on literacy or share any school update, competition or homework, you can use it how you wish as school post feed remains separate from reading community updates!
  7. @mention specific school members: To bring attention to specific school members you can tag them in the comments section, and trigger a notification that gets their attention
  8. Step up your school parent partnership: Whilst Browzly already connects school parents to participate and help their school communities read more and swap books, giving school post creation access on the Browzly school portal, to your selected parent reps can help them send updates and communication to the parents in your school; helping them improve wider parent involvement and participation in your school events, fundraisers and communication.
  9. Come closer to your school members: Not just broadcast but get a chance to listen as Browzly allows you to view, moderate and participate in important discussions between your school members that happen on posts- both in readers’ community, on school posts as well as in chats that users are connected in when they swap books with each other. Keep a finger on the pulse of your school and stay close to their hearts.
  10. Cost-effective, private, secure & very fast to set up– Browzly delivers multiple solutions that foster a happy, secure, connected, learning community within schools, that encourage and inspire each other to connect, inform, talk, read, and swap books to make reading more fun and cool; Set up takes less than an hour and involves signing up school admins, teachers & families as well as uploading books from the school library, this process is made so simple that it can even be self-guided through easy to follow video tutorials and can all be completed in less than an hour! Each school community and its updates are only visible to members within its school and therefore all information remains private and secure.

To set up a trial for your school, write to support@browzly.com or sign up on the website

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If you teach in a school already using Browzly, just get yourself added as an Admin, to the Browzly school portal, by your Browzly school lead or admin and ask for access to the Community feature.

Blog post by Bhavna Mishra