October 23, 2017

How to write a useful & fantastic book review?

By browzly
5 tips to write a great book review by Browzly

5 tips to write a great book review

How to write a book review? 5 simple tips for students to write great book reviews

These 5 tips to write a great book review are created to inspire young readers to write useful book reviews that help their friends select the books they will enjoy the most. These steps can be used to review any book you read. On Browzly, you can add both text and video reviews and create a timeline record of all the books you’ve read as well as all the reviews you ever wrote

  1. A Great Start  : 

When to write a book review? A review of any book is best written when you have just finished reading that book- the plot is fresh in your mind and you remember most of it. A little nudge from the parents or teachers at this time will go a long way in getting the children started.

A good start is half the battle, it will have your creative juices flowing in no time– To start off – pick a favorite quote or line from your book and write that verbatim, mentioning that it is a line or quote from your book (mention the book title and page number). Feel free to include a few words about why you chose that quote in particular…

Don’t worry, if you did not like the book  – after all, it is a review and you are supposed to give genuine feedback, mention what you did not like and set the tone of your review –  here is an example-

“I should begin at the beginning, I know that. But the trouble is that I don’t know the beginning. I wish I did. I do know my name” – Would you call that interesting?  Well, you might, but for me, these first lines on Page 1 of Alone on a Wide Wide Sea by Michael Morpurgo did not catch my attention

2. Answer these questions.

You may answer all or some of them.

Q1.  What was your book about?

For example- You could say- “This book is about a boy who lived and became the one to…”

Q2 What caught your attention?

What was the reason, you picked this book to read? Was it the cover, the author, the blurb, a recommendation or a prize that this book has won? Talk about what got you to select this book in the first place?

Q3. Was there a notable part or character?

Did you connect with a character, did someone disgust you or make you identify as being quite like yourself?

Q3. How did this book make you feel?

Describe the emotions you felt. Did they match with how the characters in the book feel?

Q4 Did you learn anything new?

If you are reviewing a non-fiction book, you may have gathered interesting facts that others might enjoy too. You could talk about them. In case your book is fiction- you may have learned about a new place or time in history or noticed how different characters might behave in different situations. You may have also added new words to your vocabulary, that you would love to remember.

3. Say who might like reading this book

For example “I recommend this book for- mention age, gender, and type of readers.” This would help readers select the book that’s right for them

4. Review your review

Read what you wrote to make your final edits- check for SPAG (spellings, punctuation, and grammar). Finally, summarize with a title that goes with your review!

5. A star rating

Star ratings are a great way to get a quick visual way to get a view on what most readers thought about a book. These are very important to authors, here is an article that can tell you how important these are for the author. So, be mindful when you give your book a rating out of 5 stars, here is a simple star guide for you.

5 stars= I loved this book so much that I couldn’t put it down until the end and I can read it again!

4 stars= This was a great book, I enjoyed it and can recommend it as a one-time read.

3 stars= This is a good book, some people may like it, I finished reading it.

2 stars= I did not like this book much, I finished it with some effort.

1 star= I did not like this book, I could not finish it.

Reviews help everyone in making the right reading choices. You can post your reviews on the Browzly app, this will help you create a timeline record of all the books you read and what you thought about them at the time. As we grow older, we may not remember everything we learned or felt, this is a great way to preserve our thoughts and feelings. You can also help your friends select the right books when you share your reviews. Reviews are also a great encouragement for the writers who painstakingly create these books for us to enjoy!

If you have any ideas to add to these tips please, write them in comments and we may add them to this list. If you write any reviews using these tips, we would love to see them!

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