April 6, 2020

How to support your students’ reading during holidays

By browzly
How to support Students’ reading practice amidst lock downs
How does Browzly work

If you’re a teacher or a parent, worried about how to support your students’ reading practice with long time away from school, do enroll them for Browzly 2020 Reading Challenge . Read below to see how does Browzly work? We hope to help you support your student’s reading and learning wherever they may be at home or in class .

Hey! I’m Browzly, the cool guy who loves to read
If you want your students to do that too
you’ve come to the right app,
Browzly makes it fun to read 
coz, they do it with their school pals!

Discover books recommended just for them or swap one with the friends, see what Browzly recommends as per each student’s age & reading range
Not too easy not too hard, 12+ or primary class
Browzly shows what’s right for each child

Watch friends share what they’ve read, write or video a book review to present, 
then get a ready-made triangulation assessment.
Upload your school library or Search topic books for your class 
Track everyone’s progress, it’s easy and super fast. 

Teachers, choose any topic to teach, from a book, a video, sound byte, image or url please.
Share it on Browzly as a class assignment
Then add a quiz,
that marks itself without further involvement. 

When users share a book they read, 
a comprehension quiz could pop up to complete.
Grown-ups watch, support and track
It’s all automated, available through website and apps. 

Parents & teachers, register on the app, enroll your students for a reading challenge.
Win a title, make a personal record,
list all the books you’ve read since you were born!

Copyright 2020- Voice over of an upcoming demo video – written by Bhavna J Mishra

A Bett 2020 finalist and winner of Kids Judge Bett award, Browzly is reading for pleasure focused online teaching, learning & assessment technology personalized for schools and families and proven to improve reading engagement

If you have any feedback for us on the voice over shared above, we’d love to get your thoughts. As for Browzly, if you please do try it out today, download on the Apple App or Google Play to create your free account.


How does Browzly work