July 14, 2020

A Reading Challenge to help Students Read over Summer

By browzly

A Summer Reading Challenge for all ages

You can help your students read over these holidays. Browzly, an award winning reading for pleasure teaching and learning aid, invites schools and families to join the Browzly Summer Reading Challenge. The competition is open for teachers, parents and students. The insight is simple- children enjoy anything when it’s done with friends so help your students read this summer by connecting friends to read together. Through Browzly, you can connect your school communities to share their love of reading with peers at school even through the holidays and compete internationally as one team.

Help your students read this summer. Join Browzly 2020 Reading Challenge! Connect your school community to share the love of reading & compete internationally!

Dates & Prizes

The challenge runs from 3rd July to 30th August 2020 with participants competing for a range of coveted titles. Browzly invites schools to help students to read during the holidays and promote reading for pleasure throughout the year. Students can compete in 3 age categories spanning all different age groups to win a title to be very proud of – The Reader of the Highest Number of Books, Creator of the Best Video Review and Writer of the Best Text Review. Parents, teachers and individual school classes will also have the chance at winning a crown of their own and reading book vouchers will be distributed among winning individuals and classes too.

The jury

The reviews for the students will be judged by an independent jury with two award winning authors and two accomplished teachers on board:

Ms. Jasbinder Bilan, author of Asha & the Spirit Bird, winner of 2019 Costa Children’s book award

Mrs Isabel Thomas, who has written over 150 children’s books mostly science and nonfiction notably Moth: An Evolution Story

Mr Simon Jodrell, Principal Dubai British School- the first school to adopt Browzly

Mrs Toria Bono, a primary teacher, blogger & creator of the popular ‘Tiny Voice Tuesday’ on Twitter – and now judge for the Browzly 2020 Reading Challenge, gave her thoughts on the reading challenge- “Reading is one of the most important activities we can encourage our children to engage in. It helps them to develop their imagination, increase their vocabulary, intelligence, and empathy as they are exposed to new words, ideas and concepts. It’s also a great connector, as children can bond over what they are reading, sharing their opinions, adventures and discoveries.”

Mrs Bono continues, “The Browzly Reading Challenge is a must do over the summer holidays, especially for those rainy-days. It is a great way for children to stay connected with their friends at school to share their reading while competing internationally with schools and children from around the world. I’m really proud to have been asked to be a part of it and I can’t wait to see which books are enjoyed the most, how many books each class can tally up and most importantly what the children have to say in their reviews.”

How to sign up?

Schools looking to sign up can contact support@browzly.com for a quick set up which is simple and involves little effort from the school. The support team from Browzly will help the entire way. Families & teachers may also simply download the Browzly app from the App Store or Google Play and register themselves. For more information, visit the Browzly website. Please download the flyer to circulate in your school here

Browzly is an award winning, education based, reading for pleasure tool that is created to support schools, teachers, librarians and families to make reading fun. An innovation that improves students’ reading engagement, Browzly connects members within school communities in a secure social network to share and support what each member reads. Users can reflect on their reading with video and text reviews, swap books, take optional book quizzes and get personalized reading recommendations that are age and text leveled. Text leveling on Browzly is based on the Lexile framework by MetaMetrics Inc. Teachers can get class and student reports to automate tracking of reading and help them to evidence and support each child whatever their reading level. Teachers may also create and share multimedia self-marking book or topic quizzes as well.

Browzly aims to bring the enjoyment of reading to children beyond socioeconomic barriers & help maximize their literacy potential. See how it works here