September 2, 2020

How to Create the Perfect Reading Nook

By browzly

How to Create the Perfect Reading Nook: Tips for Mums & Teachers: Guest Blog by Lorena Romo at, Edited by Browzly Content team

Child reading a book- image by Cottonbro on Pexels

If you love to curl up with your favorite books, a reading nook can be the perfect way to enjoy this beloved pastime. From stories to nonfiction to thrillers and picture books, reading is one of the best ways to relax and inspire everyone to get some quiet reading time. If you’re thinking about creating your own reading nook at home or in class, read this blog on how to create the perfect reading nook and some tips and tricks that will inspire you to get reading.

Why Create a Reading Space?

For those who have a habit of reading often, creating your own special space will make it even more enjoyable and for those that don’t it will be a perfect way to inspire reluctant readers. There are lots of benefits to having a reading nook in your home or class, including:

•   Having a reading nook gives a quiet space to relax, de-stress and a clarity of what you’re there for, making time to read.

•   Reading is a great habit for everyone. Designating a space for this activity will encourage everyone to pick up a book and read more.

•   Creating a dedicated space will inspire you to acquire more books and give you a space to display them for readers in your class or your family. Scroll to the end of this link to find out how to find books that are most appropriate and recommended for your students.

Finding the Perfect Space

Once you’re committed to creating a reading nook, it’s time to think about the perfect location. Inside the home, if you happen to have a spare room such as a guest bedroom, the living room or the conservatory, these are fantastic options. In the class, designate one corner or consider a quiet area just outside the classroom. Add a small bookshelf or a padded mat with cushions along with an accent table and a lamp for a comfy space to sit and browse through the titles you just acquired- it’s the perfect way to decide what to read next from your TBR pile. Make sure you have enough book storage so it’s easy to display and safely access the books. Place one or two potted plants on your bookshelf or table to add a touch of greenery and create a relaxing vibe.

Reading Nook Essentials

After you’ve chosen the space for it, here’s how to create the perfect reading nook? From furniture to storage, here are a few must-haves that every reading nook should include:

•   Lighting: You need to have adequate lighting in your reading nook. A floor lamp with an adjustable neck gives you the perfect task lighting for reading. Make sure the lighting is bright enough that you can see clearly, but not too strong that it causes eye strain. Warm LED light bulbs should give you the right level of light without being too tough on your eyes.

•   Décor: However much you decorate your nook, it is going to stay underutilized without a great set of books in it, so straight up set aside the budget for that. Once done, consider giving your reading nook some personality. A few houseplants or a framed poster featuring the cover of your favorite book will give the space a personal touch. Go with your reading theme or print the book reviews of the books acquired by you to motivate readers to pick them up. If you have audiobooks, in your nook, include a great pair of noise-cancelling headphones and hang them on a wall hook. Set up a small table where the children can participate in activities like coloring and crafts with crayons, construction paper, and other crafty items that will encourage your kids to let their imagination soar.

•   Furniture: When you dive into a wonderful book, it’s important to have comfortable furniture to keep you immersed in your reading. You can find small chairs designed just for kids or bring an area rug into the room to create a warm, inviting look and feel and make space for reading together, so they have a comfy place to sit and read. Look for short, brightly colored shelves that are the perfect size for kids to get easy access to their favorite books. Add a side table to the space so you have a place to sit down your book and a favorite beverage as you enjoy a book together.

•   Storage: Of course, no reading nook is complete without a proper way to store your books. Find bookshelves with plenty of room, and organize your books by title, author, or your own cataloging method- which may be spine colours or topics. If you’re short on floor space, install wall shelves or try a rolling cart that you can move around and tuck away when you’re done selecting a new book. If you’re on a budget, consider bookshelves from your local thrift store that you can refinish or paint in any color. Consider re purposing pallets to create cheap DIY book shelves- they will be easy on the budget

•   Personize: Personalize your reading nook by decorating it with items like photos or with snippets of the theme of the month or a piece of artwork by the children. Get everyone involved in pooling ideas and getting the space ready for the month ahead.

Make Your Reading Nook Enjoyable

Set aside a time for reading aloud so there is story time everyday. Selecting a time that does not get hijacked by any unforeseen activities is a great way to ensure that there will always be time for reading. Here is a list of some activities you may do in class to make children engaged with their reading.

Selecting the right books

If you’re not sure which books to stock up on for your kids, register on Browzly app and add your students to get personalized reading recommendations as per their age and reading ability. Read here how recommendations on Browzly are created with a futuristic view of what children should read next to make their reading experience varied, enjoyable, at the right level of challenge and always age appropriate.

How to Keep Your Project on a Budget

When it comes to furniture for your reading nook, you may re-purpose old pieces or shop at a thrift store to find affordable options. You needn’t spend lots of cash on accessories and décor, keep a good chunk of your budgets for books. Get thrifty and look for ways you can stock your reading nook without buying new. Ask your library about book sales or get children to bring books from home to swap with each other on Browzly.

Whether you’re an avid reader or just enjoy the occasional best-seller, a reading nook is a perfect way to relax and spend your leisure time. We hope this blog helped you decide how to create the perfect reading nook for your space wherever it may be. Make sure your new space is comfortable and inviting and ensure that you have the right lighting to make reading easier on the eyes.