March 5, 2020

Audio Story: The Cursed Fangs & The Magic Paw

By browzly

It’s the 5th of March 2020, Happy World Book Day, everyone! Today is an exciting day as we launch the very first episode of #20MinuteThursdays audio stories on Browzly. You and your students can listen to stories here on this blog, on our YouTube channel or get the ones that are just the right age level for your students by signing them up on the Browzly app. Play them to your class and spark a discussion, In this blog we recommend 2 questions you can discuss, when you play the very first episode of ‘The Cursed Fangs & the Magic Paw’. Written by Haneya Multani, this is an enthralling story with a heart and a message perfect for 8-11-year-olds.

Q1 Why did Whiskers turn into Whiskula? What do you think we can do to prevent such an incident from happening?

Recommended question for this audio story from Browzly

Q2 The story dramatizes the effect humans have on pets but do you think it might apply to humans themselves as well? For example- what do you think being uncared for, might do to people or children?

Recommended discussion for this audio story from Browzly

Next Thursday, we will bring to you yet another audio story with #20MinuteThursdays on Browzly.

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