March 12, 2020

Bram Stoker’s Dracula (Part 1) 20-MinuteThursday audio story

By browzly

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#20MinuteThursdays on Browzly present Dracula (Part 1) by Bram Stroker. This audio story is rated 12 years and above so it will be available to listen, in the post feeds of students from Year 7 onwards, on their Browzly app accounts. Teachers and parents will also find questions to discuss in class or at home in their post feeds.


When solicitor’s clerk Jonathan Harker travels to Transylvania on business to meet a mysterious Romanian count named Dracula, he little expects the horrors this strange meeting will unleash. Thus Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel of blood and passion begins, rapidly accelerating from Harker’s nightmarish experiences in Castle Dracula to a full-fledged vampiric assault on late-Victorian London itself. Dracula is an example of an epistolary novel as the story is presented in a series of journal entries and letters-chronicles making it appear very realistic.

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