September 22, 2020

Browzly 2020 Reading Challenge Results

By browzly

Browzly announced their 2020 Reading Challenge Results on 21st Sep 2020 via a Twitter broadcast, read this blog for the winning reviews and jury comments. With each review, we have shared selected two comments from the four jury members. If you would like to see the broadcast recording please see it below-

Meet The Jury

Meet the jury members- (from Top L to Bottom Right) Mrs Toria Claire, Mrs Jasbinder Bilan, Mr. Simon Jodrell & Mrs Isabel Thomas

2020 Browzly Reading Challenge Results – Meet the winners

5-7 Age Category

Isha from Kings Nad Al Sheba Dubai was the winner of all three titles in her age category.

A Winner of Browzly Reading Challenge 2020

Wow! She is the most amazing child! She needs her own TV channel!

Judge Toria Claire

A very detailed and intricate review with some deep understanding of the emotions running through the book – Impressive!!

Judge Jasbinder Bilan

Writer of the best text review in 5-7 age category

Isha from Kings NAS for A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett

A Little Princess By Frances Hodgson Burnett

Very sophisticated review – well done.

Judge Simon Jodrell

This review makes the reader want to read this book and meet the character and find out more about the fascinating story

Judge Jasbinder Bilan

The Review:

A Little Princess is a celebration of imagination of a young girl Sara Crewe. Sara is a motherless child who has been raised by her doting father in India. She is sent to London to study at Miss Minchin’s Select Seminary for Girls. Her father ensures that Sara lives a luxurious life and other students at the Seminary call her a ‘Princess’. Miss Minchin treats her like a Princess too since Sara’s father pays extra fees for her luxuries. Despite her privileges, Sara is a kind and generous girl who befriends everyone.
Life takes a sad turn when Sara’s father dies after having lost all his wealth and leaving behind a sizable debt of unpaid school fees and bills with Miss Minchin. Infuriated with the situation, Miss Minchin takes away all of Sara’s belongings and makes her live in a cold and poorly furnished attic and forces Sara to earn her keep by running errands. Sara keeps herself happy through her vivid imagination. Mysteriously, warm clothing and blankets start appearing in Sara’s attic room. Who was her new benefactor and how did he change her life? Would Sara ever experience the luxuries that she was used to?
Frances Hodgson Burnett keeps us engaged in the book with her vivid style of writing which brings her characters to life. Like in her other books Frances Burnett has given the central character, Sara, a strong and lovable personality
I enjoyed this fascinating book and experienced a roller coaster of emotions along with Sara. I would like to recommend this book for readers between the age of 9 and 12.

8-11 Age Category

Creator of The Best Video Review

A Winner of Browzly Reading Challenge 2020

Lovely relaxed manner – love of the story shines through. Lively full of passion and v persuasive!!

Judge Jasbinder Bilan

An honest, unscripted review and I love the bit where he said ‘people who don’t like books would like it’

Judge Toria Claire

Writer of the best text Review 8-11 year old category

Varoshan from Thomas A Becket Junior, UK for Birthday Boy by David Baddiel

Well done for persisting when it was a challenge to read, you should be very proud of yourself. It is lovely to mention these personal details in a review too, as it encourages other readers to do the same.

Judge Isabel Thomas

The author has given the audience a way to approach a more challenging book.

Judge Toria Claire

The Review

I gave this book 4 stars because it was a challenge to read but I still really enjoyed it. Because it was hard for me, I read a bit in the morning and a bit before bed every day. It was about a boy named Sam and his birthday was everyday. I think this is cool but its a bit weird because he would get super old very quickly.

The Reader of the highest number of books in 8-11 age category

A Winner of Browzly Reading Challenge 2020

12+ Age Category

The Reader of the highest number of books in 12+ age category

A Winner of Browzly Reading Challenge 2020

Writer of the best text Review 12+ year old category

Kabir from The English College, Dubai for by David Baddiel

I really like the way the author uses examples of other reading within this review, demonstrating their breadth of reading. It is rather long for a review but engaging throughout.

Judge Toria Claire

I really enjoyed reading this review about a genre I don’t know well – the fact that it was so absorbing shows how well the review is written! I think one of the most important things I can do when recommending reading material is to show that there are so many different types of written content – not just books – and this review achieves that beautifully. It also takes a critical look at the book’s shortcomings, and gives a solid and well balanced rationale for the final score awarded. Many congratulations

Judge Isabel Thomas

The Review

Chainsaw Man is an up and coming Shonen Jump manga comic, filled with both brutal action and tear jerking moments. I am a huge fan of Manga and comics especially Shonen Jump, so naturally I had been hearing a lot about Chainsaw man from the community and I knew I had to try it out.
Chainsaw man takes place in a devil infested world where no one is safe, throughout the first volume we follow young Denji through struggle and triumph. His struggle is immense and I found myself very connected to most of the characters despite my short time with them. This shows that Fujimoto can introduce characters very quickly and make them feel more real to the reader, which is a very difficult thing to do. I was so immersed I couldn’t help punching the air in happiness occasionally.
Moreover, Chainsaw man boasts an emotional roller coaster as the reader goes through the first half of the book, I believe the sadder more somber moments of this brutal manga are portrayed beautifully, and excellently contrast the brutal action. Fujimoto does this by altering his art style to fit the current vibe, with the vicious devil killing action drawn with thick black lines and shaded faces whereas the more tragic scenes having a lighter outline and more minimalistic look, this really portrays emotion and makes the reader feel more absorbed in the book. Like most things, this manga doesn’t come without flaws and although I’m sure they will all be fixed later down the line, as this is only the first volume, I have to address them in my review. So if you look forward to reading the second, third or fourth volume, take this section with a grain of salt.
During the last few chapters of the book, it appeared to me that Fujimoto created a bit of a fodder content to give him time to think through and get ready for the next big story arc. It feels like this because there are a few characters introduced very quickly. Although, this is understandable, all Mangaka do it, even the most successful ones. However, having it right at the end of the first volume takes away the satisfying feeling when you put the book down after the first read through, a feeling that I thoroughly enjoy. However this is still the first volume and I shouldn’t really expect an incredible ending after reading through the amazing opening arc. In conclusion of this review of Chainsaw Man 1 by Tatsuki Fujimoto, I will say that the author has created a brilliant and compelling piece of storytelling, complete with characters that feel tangible and panels of incredibly detailed art that portray the vibe of the scene. This manga has both savage battle and heartbreaking moments that contrast seamlessly and make the reader more invested in the story. Nonetheless like everything in the world there are a few more or less minor shortcomings such as towards the end of the book a lack of a goal and the fodder content towards the ending. After reading through the first volume, I think this book is more suitable for readers of age 13 to 16. On that note, I give my rating of 3.75/5.

The Monster Reading Adult Title

A Winner of Browzly Reading Challenge 2020

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