August 19, 2021

An interview with Isabel Thomas – Jury recommendations: Reading Challenge

By browzly
Isabel Thomas award-winning science writer. Author of more than 180 books for young audiences.

An interview with Isabel Thomas-Explore the world with these adventurous book suggestions from Isabel Thomas, acclaimed award winning writer of non fiction books.

In this interview with Isabel Thomas, you also find out what’s new in her latest released book – A million insects and why she loves Browzly.

“Books have the power to connect people”

Isabel Thomas

Interview with Isabel Thomas: favourite place to travel

Elise @Browzly: “Which do you think is your favourite place to travel to in the world? Have you been there yet?”

Isabel: “I was lucky enough to travel to the Amazon rainforest once. It was an incredible feeling to be there, but I realized I would need months to explore properly, so I would love to go again one day! I love travelling anywhere and everywhere new, but places I’ve written about such as the Galapagos Islands and Antarctica would be very high on my wish list.”

photo by Krystal Ng on Unsplash

Interview with Isabel Thomas: Favourite thing about Browzly

Elise: “What is your favourite thing about Browzly?”

Isabel: “Books have the power to connect people, and Browzly is brilliant at encouraging this and making it super easy and fun. The best book recommendations come from other children – Browzly has the power to harness this book buzz and keep it going! Book chat with friends is just the best!”

Interview with Isabel Thomas: Top 3 book recommendations

Elise: “Which 3 books would you recommend for our young readers (5-11 year olds) that took you to wonderful/exciting locations or featured vivid settings?”

Explorer by Katherine Rundell

Isabel: “The Explorer by Katherine Rundell is a fantastic adventure set in the Amazon rainforest. It gives you a great sense of how impossibly vast and dense the forest is.

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I read and write a lot of non-fiction, and I loved The Silk Roads by Peter Frankopan and Neil Packer (illustrated edition). It tells the tales of real life travels across continents and through history, helping to explain the world we live in today.

Silk Road (Illustrated Edition) written by Peter Frankopan and illustrated by Neil Packer

October, October by Katya Balen tells the reverse story, of a girl who lives a wild life in the woods coming to a bustling city and a school for the first time. But the character, October, soon finds adventures in a place that seems very unlikely. It reminds me that
we can ‘travel’ and have new adventures in the place where we live, if we let our curiousity lead the way.”

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October October by Katya Balen

Thanks Isabel for those wonderful suggestions, we were already fans of The Explorer by Katherine Rundell but The Silk Road and October, October are simply fascinating additions to our recommended reads!

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Interview with Isabel Thomas: About the newly released ‘One Million Insects’

Elize: “Your book “Moth: An Evolution Story” was a beautiful nonfiction narrative, we absolutely loved it. What can we expect from your new book “One Million Insects”? How is it different and what inspired your writing?”

Isabel: “Thank you so much! Moth is about just one type of insect, the peppered moth. One Million Insects is about the other 999,999 species! Insects are endlessly fascinating, so it was a dream come true to write about all of them in one book.

One Million Insects by Isabel Thomas Released on 29th July 2021

Link to book

Right now, up to 10 quintillion insects are creeping, crawling, fluttering and scuttling in every corner of the world – that’s around 1.4 billion for every human! They are just about the most important creatures of all – we basically owe them our lives. In One Million Insects, I introduce you to the most fascinating members of every main group – all beautifully brought to life by the paintings of Lou Baker Smith. We’ve also include simple spotter guides to help you identify insects you find when you are exploring.

Wow! Doesn’t that sound interesting? Isabel you sure have your way making the creepy crawlies look all alluring! Readers, we hope you enjoyed this interview with Isabel Thomas.

To conclude, a quick trivia quiz – see how well you know your creepy crawlies?

To conclude here is a quick trivia quiz about insects- let’s see how much you know without Google’s help? (Find answers in our next blog post)

Q1 Do you know what are people who study insects called?

Q2 How many legs does a spider have?

Q3 How many legs does a centipede have?

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