4 books for Father's day: Recommended by Browzly
June 20, 2021

4 books for this Father’s day: Browzly Reading Challenge

By browzly

4 books for Father’s Day: This Father’s day appreciate these 4 children’s books that come straight from our heart

If you are thinking about what to read for this Father’s day, we bring you four books handpicked for this Father’s day. We absolutely love them and we hope you do too. Read them with your children or if you are a confident reader already then read them to your dad. We are sure they will warm your hearts.

1. Crossover by Kwame Alexander

is the story of twin brothers Josh and Jordan who love basketball and emulate their dad who was once an elite basketball player himself. Written entirely in verse, this book will make you cry as the boys learn important life lessons. Watch this video of Kwame himself reading an excerpt from it.

2 Hair Love by Matthew A Cherry

A beautiful picture book, illustrated by Vashti Harrison is the story of Zuri and her dad- Zury’s hair has a mind of its own and she needs them styled properly, how it’s done, dad must figure and solve her problem. You can watch a wonderful Oscar winning film based on this book here

3 I talk like a River by Jordan Scotty 

Wonderfully illustrated in water colour by Sidney Smith is the story of a boy with a stutter and how a walk along the river with his
Dad help him come to terms and overcome his speech problems. This story is based on Jordan’s own real life experience with stuttering and he wrote it in the honour of his father and what his father taught him. Watch Jordan Scott & Sidney Smith talk about his book.

4 Danny the champion of the world by Roald Dahl 

is the story of – of course Danny, a boy raised in a trailer just by his dad, everything is normal until one day when Danny discovers that his dad has a secret- a dangerous one at that. The secret sends the duo on a dangerous mission where they must come up with a plan and execute it to perfection or risk being shot dead! We bring to you a review by an enthusiastic reader who has created their own Youtube channel called Book Review Session, to review some books!

Hope you like our selection, give us a shout if you do and add them to the Browzly app to your read list- tell us what you liked about them in a video or text review and then take a quiz. Quizzes for all these 4 books are available on Browzly and will pop up if you mark them as read. Also, don’t forget to sign up for the Browzly Reading Challenge that begins on the 1st of July 2021. Read all about it here To find out which books are best to read for the reading challenge check out these blogs