30 stunning books for 6-7 year olds (Year 2) – A Reading List
June 26, 2020

30 stunning books for 6-7 year old children

By browzly

30 books for 6-7 year old children

30 stunning books for 6-7 year olds (Year 2) – A Reading List

Here is our list of 30 stunning books for 6-7 year old children, i.e. children of KS1 Year 2 or Grade 1 as it is also called in many countries. The list is created to help teachers and parents discover books that are not only age appropriate but are also exquisite in their text and stunning in visuals. We hope you would want to come back to them to enjoy reading and re-reading these with your students, children and grandchildren.

We cover a wide selection of old and new mostly fiction but also some breathtaking non fiction books, covering a range of topics featuring diversity (BAME), kindness, inclusion, adventure, fantasy, science, art, animals and more. You may click on the book images that interest you to know more about them. If you wish to create a personalized reading list specific to your child as per their age and ability, sign up your child on the Browzly app available on Apple and Google play stores. The app generates individualized lists of books that are age appropriate and also specific to each child’s estimated ability to handle text complexity. Read more about this at the end of the blog.

How are reading recommendations generated on Browzly?

At this point, we would like to talk about how we personalize book recommendations to every child’s individual needs on Browzly. The objective is for children to discover books are that are not just based on what they’ve read before, instead they are created with a futuristic view of what children should read next to make their reading experience varied, enjoyable, at the right level of challenge and always age appropriate. The recommended reading zone, denoted in Lexile Text Measures, is dynamic and automatically adjusts as the child reads with Browzly i.e. adds the books they’ve read, marks their perceived difficulty level and takes book quizzes.

Many times, reluctance to read is linked to books being too difficult for a child or not being interesting for their age. We also recognize that determination of reading levels can never be an exact science, that’s why we promote independent selection of books so that it is children’s interests and fascination with books and cover art, that allows them to choose what they want to read and book selection is an exciting process.

Reading insights for students and whole class

The student and class reports help teachers track and support reading progress of every child easily and automatically. The reports give a variety of measurement checkpoints and give points for consistency of reading practice, for books reviews written or video recorded, as well as for quizzes taken. Whilst quizzes help teachers gauge performance on literacy skills, Browzly does not promote only quizzes as a way of tracking reading practice, the alternative ways- i.e. adding books as read and marking reviews are both great tools that help evidence reading practice and comprehension without stressing students with different learning abilities. Another great feature available to the teachers is that they can view and edit the recommended reading range of their students manually if they find it necessary.

Browzly is free for teachers and offers generous trials, all you have to do is just ask for it. Download the Browzly ios or android app to try it.