2021 Reading Challenge Tile
2021 Reading Challenge Tile

Join us in the 2021 Reading Challenge for all ages! Travel the world by books and make your own fantastic craft to take you to to all of the fabulous destinations!

Start your summer holidays with an adventure with Browzly. Browzly, an award-winning teaching and learning aid, is inviting schools and families to join the 2021 Reading Challenge. We’ve designed a wonderful travel theme that encourages students, parents, and teachers to read books that feature fantastic destinations.

In the children’s classic “Matilda” Roald Dahl explained,

“The books transported her into new worlds and introduced her to amazing people who lived exciting lives. Matilda went on olden-day sailing ships with Joseph Conrad. She went to Africa with Ernest Hemingway and to India with Rudyard Kipling. She travelled all over the world while sitting in her little room in an English village”.

Roald Dahl, “Matilda”

Browzly is challenging you to journey far and wide, just like Matilda, and track your journey on your printable world map resource!

Our challenge runs from the 1st July – 31st August 2021. All of the books that you read in this time will count towards your challenge total. Students can compete in two age categories to win a title to be very proud of. Including:

  • “Reader of the Greatest Number of Pages”
  • “Creator of the best video review”
  • “Writer of the best text review”
  • “Captain of the Crew” for the highest achieving adult

All readers in the 2021 Reading Challenge will be awarded an “I’m a bookish traveller” certificate for their participation.

The 2021 Reading Challenge Jury

A truly exceptional, diverse, and independent jury will be assessing the reviews by students to help us find the winners.

Meet the Jury members. Including: Mr Simon Jodrell, Ms Isabel Thomas, and Mr Evo Hannan
  • Mr Simon Jodrell – Principal Dubai British School- the first school to adopt Browzly.
  • Ms Isabel Thomas – who has written over 150 children’s books mostly science and nonfiction notably Moth: An Evolution Story and has a new book “One Million Insects” out in July 2021.
  • Mr Evo Hannan – Teacher with 20 years of experience & Founder of Innovation X.

Learn more about our incredible jury in our “Meet the Jury” blog feature in mid-June.

How to get involved?

  1. Download the Browzly app and sign up your children/students
  2. Children should then login on the Browzly app or website to review their books mentioning where they are set and anything they have learned.
  3. On the app take optional country and book quizzes to test your knowledge and get instant scores, see what your friends at school are scoring.
  4. If you like, download and print your travel map to pin up on your wall. Colour in the places you visit through books.
  5. At the end of the challenge, share your travel map via your social media and tag us @browzly so we can see where your bookish travels took you.
Browzly Reading Challenge 2021 Printable Map Component

Download the printables

You can read the terms and conditions here.

Let’s make a craft!

To celebrate the start of the 2021 Reading Challenge we’re sharing this brilliant travel-themed craft activity. Browzly is challenging you to design your own form of transport out of recyclable materials. Let your imagination run wild and create something never-seen-before!

With this year’s travel theme in mind, you’re going to need to create your own mode of transport to get you to all of your holiday destinations! One of our brilliant Browzly team members, Chloe, has put together her own craft and provided instructions for you all to do the same. Let’s see what she has to say!

“Hello all, my name is Chloe. I love to craft and create new things so I thought you may want to join me and have some fun! Below I have written about what I made and have given you some tips and ideas on what you can use and make yourselves. Have a read and give it a go yourselves…”

You could make something completely new, or you could mix together existing forms of transport to make your new creation. I have made my own example to show you one of the many possibilities you could make. I have mixed together a plane, some skis, a parachute, and a train carriage to make my brilliant airship.

My craft has been designed using inspiration from brilliant adventure books like “Brightstorm: A Sky-Ship Adventure” by Vashti Hardy and “Cogheart” by Peter Bunzl. Maybe your design will be based on your favourite books? You could decorate with details about the characters and the settings/locations you could be visiting.

Now, let’s get to the instructions.

Planning the design

Step 1: Make your plan. Chloe's Craft Content. Drawing and planning stage.
Step 2: Gather your materials. Chloe's Craft Content. Materials step and advice.
Chloe's Top Tips. Chloe's Craft Content. 1-5 General Advice for Craft.
Step 3: Create + Step 4: All done! 
Chloe's Craft Content. Images to show steps involved.

Once you have finished your new mode of transport give it a name and get travelling! Why not share photos of your transport with us at Browzly? It would be fantastic to see them all. You could take a photo at your house or in your garden, or maybe even show us your craft out and about on its travels. It’s up to you. Just ask an adult to share your pictures with us on our social media. To see Chloe’s final product out and about on its travels head over to our Twitter and Instagram.

“I really hope that you all have fun with this challenge and enjoy participating in the wonderful summer reading challenge. I’ll be back with more Browzly crafts later this summer so keep a lookout! Happy crafting!”

For a little more inspiration and to show you what else can be created using recyclable materials we’ve found these brilliant youtube videos for you.

Video Tutorial Credit: Wonders OWN Crafts on Youtube
Video Tutorial Credit: DIY Labs on Youtube

So what comes next?

This is just the start of the summer fun with Browzly. Sign-up for our Summer Reading Challenge so that you don’t miss out. As you know, you get automatically enrolled in the reading challenge when you sign in on the Browzly app and post your reading.

If you’re looking for exciting books to read over the summer then keep checking the blog as we’re releasing booklists of our favourite stories and organising them by age and corresponding year group. You might have already seen a few…

If you’re still feeling creative and crafty then head over to these posts and challenge yourself with something new!

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