10 incredible books for 8-9 year olds, title image
July 9, 2021

10 incredible books for 8-9 year olds: Reading Challenge

By browzly
10 incredible books for 8-9 year olds, title image
8-9 year olds- Travel to a different land with each of these brilliant reads

Travel through books with these brilliant suggestions for 8-9 year olds – Browzly Reading Challenge

This week’s blog focus is on books for 8-9 year olds who are interested in reading about worldwide adventures. We’ve compiled a brilliant list for our Year 4 (Grade 3) readers and hope these stories will keep you entertained over the summer holidays.

Now that the 2021 Browzly Reading Challenge has officially started we hope that you’ve got started on your bookish travels for this summer. When you log what you read on the Browzly app, you will find reading recommendations personalized to your student’s assessed ability to enjoy text complexity and their age. However, if you’re still looking for some fabulous new finds from fantastic authors then please enjoy this booklist full of books for 8-9 year olds to enjoy.

Here are our 10 handpicked books for 8-9 year olds to continue your bookish travels around the world…

1. The Akimbo Adventures

"The Akimbo Adventures", by Alexander McCall Smith

Written by: Alexander McCall-Smith

What’s it about: Akimbo is our main character in this story and he lives on the edge of an African game reserve with his parents. Dedicated to animal conservation his parents work each day to protect the neighbouring animals from poachers, traps and so much more. Wild-life loving Akimbo has dreams of helping the animals too and joins his father in the most dangerous situations.

Where do we go: Africa

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2. Earthshattering Events!: The Science Behind Natural Disasters

"Earth Shattering Events: Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Cyclones, Tsunamis and Other Natural Disasters", by Robin Jacobs and Sophie Williams

Written by: Robin Jacobs

What’s it about: This non fiction addition to our list is a must have for every library and home- explore geological and meteorological disasters with this atlas of life-changing events. This book explores nature at its most destructive. Illustrating how and why these natural events occur and making advanced phenomena accessible through clear, and informative explanations and fascinating illustrations.

Where do we go: Worldwide

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3. The Story of Tutankhamun

"The Story of Tutankhamun", by Patricia Clevelandd-Peck and Isabel Greenberg

Written by: Patricia Cleveland-Peck

What’s it about: Uncover the true story of Tutankhamun the Egyptian King. Travel through history, as you learn about his life, the troubles he faced as a young king, his death, and his legacy. This book follows the quest of Howard Carter, the archaeologist who discovered the king’s tomb and unearthed the riches of Ancient Egyptian life.

Where do we go: Eygpt, Africa

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4. The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

"The Miarculous Journey of Edward Tulane" by Kate DiCamillo and Bagram Ibatoulline

Written by: Kate DiCamillo

What’s it about: Edward Tulane is a blue china rabbit who lives with his caring owner Abilene. Abilene shares all of her love for Edward and yet Edward only ever thinks of himself. On a journey from New York to London Edward and Abilene are separated and Edward must find his way back to his family. What follows is an exciting journey full of surprises where Edward learns what it means to truly love. A beautiful must read story for all

Where do we go: Memphis, Tennessee, USA

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5. A World of Cities

"A World of Cities" by James Brown

Written by: James Brown

What’s it about: Another non fiction addition. A world of Cities is an illustrated Atlas that brings cities all around the world to life. Learn fascinating facts about cities around the globe from author illustrator James Brown. Maybe you’ll even discover your new dream holiday destination?

Where do we go: 30 famous cities around the globe.

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6. The Lion Who Stole My Arm (Heroes of the Wild)

"The Lion Who Stole My Arm (Heroes of the Wild)" by Nicola Davies

Written by: Nicola Davies

What’s it about: This is a heart-pounding adventure with an important message about conservation and humanity. The main character, Pedru, has dreams of being a great hunter like his father but after a life-changing incident, he worries he may not be able to achieve his goals. Pedru has to combat troubling emotions and make hard choices about his pursuit for revenge. This story shows us the strength of the human spirit and how the co-existence of wild animals and people is a beautiful and necessary thing.

Where do we go: Eastern Africa

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7. Shackleton’s Journey

"Shackleton's Journey" by William Grill

Written by: William Grill

What’s it about: In the early 1900s explorer Ernest Shackleton went on a discovery expedition in the Antarctic from one pole to the other. The author of this book, William Grill, has researched and illustrated this adventure to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Shackleton’s Journey. Read the book to find out fascinating details of this landmark voyage and get lost in the drawings of the cold Antarctic setting.

Where do we go: Antarctica

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8. Viking Voyagers

"Viking Voyagers" by Jack Tite

Written by: Jack Tite

What’s it about: This is a brilliant book for young adventurers that gives us insight into the Viking Voyagers from years ago. It takes us back 1,200 years and introduces us to the Norsemen who are preparing to sail and trade in the Viking Age. Readers will learn what Viking life was like, how they travelled, what they traded and even more brilliant details of their rich mythology.

Where do we go: Europe

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9. Kensuke’s Kingdom

"Kensuke's Kingdom" by Michael Morpurgo

Written by: Michael Morpurgo

What’s it about: This is a breath-taking story about a family who decide to pursue adventure and sail around the world. When disaster hits Michael and his dog must befriend Island-dweller Kensuke if he is going to survive. This book reminds us of the power of adventure, the value of friendship and the importance of remaining hopeful.

Where do we go: Island in the Pacific Ocean

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10. Race to the Frozen North: The Matthew Henson Story

"Race to the Frozen North: The Matthew Henson Story" by Catherine Johnson

Written by: Catherine Johnson

What’s it about: Matthew Henson was simply an ordinary man. That was, until Commander Robert E. Peary entered his life, and offered him a chance at true adventure. Henson would become navigator, craftsman, translator, and right-hand man on a treacherous journey to the North Pole. Defying the odds and the many prejudices that faced him to become a true pioneer. This is his incredible and often untold story.

Where do we go: Journey to the North Pole

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Where can I find more fantastic book suggestions for the Reading Challenge?

To get started on your summer holiday adventures join the Browzly app where you can find hundreds of book suggestions personalised to your age and ability to handle text complexity. Did you know, you get automatically enrolled in the Browzly reading challenge when you sign in on the Browzly app and post your reading. Read more about the challenge here.

If you enjoyed this post of books for 8-9 year olds then look for our previous blog posts featuring book suggestions for all ages. We have more coming up so be sure to come back to the blog to find booklists organized by specific age groups ranging from Year 2 through to Year 6.

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