10 fantastic books for 9-10 year olds, browzly Reading Challenge
June 25, 2021

10 fantastic books for 9-10 year olds: Bookish Travel Challenge

By browzly
10 fantastic books for 9-10 year olds, A Reading List by Browzly

Travel through books with these brilliant suggestions for 9-10 year olds – Browzly Reading Challenge

As promised, Browzly is bringing you more age-specific book lists to support our “Travel through books” Reading Challenge this summer. This list of books for 9-10 year olds features stories with great adventures. Some of them you might even recognise from your history lessons. These authors are bringing a fresh and exciting perspective to locations around the world and we hope that you’ll join these characters on their journeys.

A very exciting addition to this week’s booklist is that the first four books featured in this list have been nominated in the #IndieBookAwards run by @Booksaremybag. Testament to how brilliant these books are, @NationalBookTokens are gifting wonderful book sets to some lucky winners. The first four books on this list are available to win in the “Children’s Fiction Shortlist” category along with many other great stories outside of our “Travel by books” theme. At the bottom of this list we’ve attached all the relevant links so you can enter too! Head over to National Book Tokens Caboodle and enter to win. The competition is in support of Independent Book Shop week.

Here are our 10 handpicked books for 9-10 year olds to continue your bookish travels around the world…

1. The Night Bus Hero

The Night Bus Hero, Onjali Raúf

Written by: Onjali Raúf

What’s it about: This story switches from the typical narrative and speaks to the reader from the perspective of the classroom bully. This exciting yet thought-provoking book encourages sensitivity and speaks about the homelessness crisis of the inner city streets. The story takes us on an exciting expose through some well known landmarks of London. Onjali Q Raúf, once again encourages readers to address their unconscious stereotypes and proves that no one is a lost cause. The descriptive language used in the text is filled with rich imagery that paints a picture in the reader’s mind.

Where do we go: London, England, UK

Link to book

2. Tamarind & the Star of Ishta

Tamarind & the Star of Ishta, by Jasbinder Bilan

Written by: Jasbinder Bilan

What’s it about: This is a mystical and magical story of our protagonist – Tamarind, a young girl sent to live with her late mother’s family in India while her father leaves for a honeymoon with his new wife. Yearning to find answers about her past and her mother, Tamarind discovers miraculous truths about herself, the family, her dead mother and a golden monkey!

Where do we go: Himalayas, India, Asia

Link to book

3. Windrush Child

Windrush Child, by Benjamin Zephaniah

Written by: Benjamin Zephaniah

What’s it about: This is a heart-stopping story that illustrates the experiences of the children of the Windrush generation. This book gives a powerful and moving account of the real-life experiences of this generation and how they had to face the challenges of moving to a new nation and somehow find a way to fit in.

Where do we go: Southampton, England, UK

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4. Voyage of the Sparrowhawk

Voyage of the Sparrowhawk, by Natasha Farrant

Written by: Natasha Farrant

What’s it about: Taking us back in time to the aftermath of World War I, our characters team up and journey from England to France, each with their own agenda and individual quest to complete. Some are looking for lost family members and some are just looking for a new place to call home. This is a beautiful and poignant tale that touches on the effects of the War – not only on the lives of those who lived but also on the landscape.

Where do we go: England to France

Link to book

5. Dragon Mountain

Dragon Mountain (of the Dragon Realm series), by Katie & Kevin Tsang

Written by: Katie & Kevin Tsang

What’s it about: Billy Chan, our main character, is sent to a summer camp in the “middle-of-nowhere China”. Here he makes friends and teams up with three other children and together they stumbled across an ancient legend hidden deep within the mountain. What follows is a dangerous and daring adventure in which Billy and the team must travel to the Dragon Realm and save the human worlds from destruction.

Where do we go: Mid-land China, Asia

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6. Secrets of a Sun King

Secrets of a Sun King, by Emma Carroll

Written by: Emma Carroll

What’s it about: A strange parcel delivered to her grandfather’s doorstep in England sends main character Lil on an incredible journey. Emma Carroll weaves history and mystery in this thrilling story and introduces you to characters you just won’t want to say goodbye to.

Where do we go: England to Egypt

Link to book

7. The Nowhere Emporium

The Nowhere Emporium, by Ross MacKenzie

Written by: Ross MacKenzie

What’s it about: The Nowhere Emporium appears one day in Glasgow and takes all who visit on a crazy adventure. The main character Daniel begins working there as an apprentice and quickly finds out that the emporium is full of magic and secrets. He has just only begun understand the mysterious owner Mr. Silver that one day Mr Silver disappears and everything seems to start falling apart around Daniel. Tag along on this adventure to see if Daniel can save his home, and his new friends, before the Nowhere Emporium is destroyed forever…

Where do we go: Glasgow, Scotland

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8. Arctic Star

Arctic Star, by Tom Palmer

Written by: Tom Palmer

What’s it about: The Arctic Convoy has been named “the worst journey in the world” by Winston Churchill and author Tom Palmer cleverly let’s us tag-along on this journey. Readers are introduced to three teenagers, who are Royal Navy recruits, that are travelling on their first mission of the World War II. Not only battling terrifying enemy attacks from both air and sea, the navy recruits must also face life-threatening challenges from the cold and stormy seas. Join the adventure to see if all three boys make it back home safe.

Where do we go: On the Arctic Convoys to Russia, across the Norwegian Sea + Arctic Ocean

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9. The Garbage King

The Garbage King, by Elizabeth Laird

Written by: Elizebeth Laird

What’s it about: This story takes us to Ethiopia where main character Mamo must overcome some of life’s most troubling hardships. He embarks on a journey of self-discovery, navigating friendships and environments in which he must learn quickly who he can and cannot trust.

Where do we go: Ethiopia, Africa

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10. Alone on a Wide, Wide Sea

Alone on a Wide, Wide Sea, by Michael Morpurgo

Written by: Michael Morpurgo

What’s it about: Following World War II, Arthur Hobhouse is shipped from England to Australia where he is expected to build a new life. This book highlights the extraordinary people that influenced Arthur’s life and illustrates how he built a boat to take solo-traveller Allie all the way back to England in search of her long-lost sister.

Where do we go: England to Australia

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