Anne of Green Gables (Chapter 2)-20Minute Thursdays audio story

Listen to Chapter 2 ‘Matthew Cuthbert is surprised’ from the breathtaking 1908 novel- Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Montgomerie in episode 4 of #20MinuteThursdays on Browzly. Up now on the Browzly app.

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Translated in over 36 languages and sold over 50 million copies, this episode brings alive the vivacious characters of both Anne Shirley and Matthew Cuthbert, as Anne is picked up from the train station by Matthew to spend a night at the Green Gables. After all, leaving her at the train station was not an option, now that the red-haired girl had accidentally arrived at the train station all the way from the orphanage instead of the boy that the Cuthberts had asked for. He would have to wait for Marilla to tell her about the mistake. The text here is the original text as first published. Lexile level 990. Age rating 8+

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Bram Stoker’s Dracula (Part 1) 20-MinuteThursday audio story

|20MinuteThursdays bring Dracula (Part1) on Browzly

Click here to listen on YouTube

#20MinuteThursdays on Browzly present Dracula (Part 1) by Bram Stroker. This audio story is rated 12 years and above so it will be available to listen, in the post feeds of students from Year 7 onwards, on their Browzly app accounts. Teachers and parents will also find questions to discuss in class or at home in their post feeds.


When solicitor’s clerk Jonathan Harker travels to Transylvania on business to meet a mysterious Romanian count named Dracula, he little expects the horrors this strange meeting will unleash. Thus Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel of blood and passion begins, rapidly accelerating from Harker’s nightmarish experiences in Castle Dracula to a full-fledged vampiric assault on late-Victorian London itself. Dracula is an example of an epistolary novel as the story is presented in a series of journal entries and letters-chronicles making it appear very realistic.

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Audio Story: The Cursed Fangs & The Magic Paw

It’s the 5th of March 2020, Happy World Book Day, everyone! Today is an exciting day as we launch the very first episode of #20MinuteThursdays audio stories on Browzly. You and your students can listen to stories here on this blog, on our YouTube channel or get the ones that are just the right age level for your students by signing them up on the Browzly app. Play them to your class and spark a discussion, In this blog we recommend 2 questions you can discuss, when you play the very first episode of ‘The Cursed Fangs & the Magic Paw’. Written by Haneya Multani, this is an enthralling story with a heart and a message perfect for 8-11-year-olds.

Q1 Why did Whiskers turn into Whiskula? What do you think we can do to prevent such an incident from happening?

Recommended question for this audio story from Browzly

Q2 The story dramatizes the effect humans have on pets but do you think it might apply to humans themselves as well? For example- what do you think being uncared for, might do to people or children?

Recommended discussion for this audio story from Browzly

Next Thursday, we will bring to you yet another audio story with #20MinuteThursdays on Browzly.

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Launching on World Book Day 2020-20MinuteThursdays

Join us every Thursday from the 5th of March 2020 to listen to some lovely audio stories

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About Browzly

Browzly is a personalized and adaptive reading for pleasure program, proven to improve student reading engagement. Reading engagement grew 3X in a pilot school with students. Bett 2020 Edtech Awards finalist and winner of Kids Judge Bett awards, Browzly helps students across reading levels to experience & enhance their enjoyment of reading and improve their reading practice and comprehension by connecting them to other readers within their school community, share book and video reviews to create their reading records and take comprehension quizzes to show and measure their reading comprehension. For teachers, Browzly provides an easy platform to support and track each individual child, create self-marking quizzes, share assignments, videos, images and sound bytes to support and measure their reading practice & progress. Browzly, allows you to upload your school library, and filter recommended titles for each reader’s view. Every year readers on Browzly can participate in the popular Summer Reading Challenge, to stay connected with their friends and win some wonderful awards. Hit Follow now on Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, Facebook or Instagram for updates.

How to get boys interested in reading?

By Sumbhav M- 3 minutes read

Reading is a key life skill, it is required everywhere and in everything you do, however, certain studies depict boys as having much worse reading habits than girls! As a student, I have experienced similar things from my male peers who often look for more active sources of entertainment, this can leave a lasting impact on the reading ability of a boy. A study conducted by Keith Topping, professor of educational and social research at the University of Dundee, produced two research papers, one of them used data from 852,295 students from 3,243 schools which make up a considerable portion of school children in the UK. For more information on this study visit this article by The Guardian. Although for a quick summary, it shows that boys of any age read less thoroughly than girls and skip parts lazily, furthermore they do not pick challenging enough books not allowing them to progress as fast as girls their age do.

Through my own opinion and experience I made a list of five things to do to improve the reading engagement of boys:

1. Allow them to pick their books

Discovery of books that are interesting to boys is critical to their engagement, sometimes they may not be interested in topics that their mums or teachers think are good.  If they don’t like reading classics or any specific genre, forcing them to do so will just further harm their interest in reading. They should read books that appeal to their interests- comics, fantasy fiction, action-adventure authors, mangas, humour, anything, this will get them reading and allow them the opportunity to challenge themselves and progress to read books that are more difficult. In addition, try to keep up with their interests so that more meaningful books can be selected for them.

2. Make sure they have access to books

Reading interest will drop off if a child can’t access books, causing them to just forget about them after a while. Encourage boys to always take a book out from the library and make sure they have access to one, this makes reading a habit and more of a pastime showing that it is an acceptable hobby for boys.

3.  Try to set a reading routine

As a younger boy in primary years, I used to get to read more due to a set bedtime reading routine, however as time goes this routine is lost in the humdrum of homework, sport, friends and social networks, so I think having an agreement with your boy(s) about a set time or day when reading must happen, maybe over a weekend or on a lighter day- you could set a reward or negotiate a special treat for every week they do it, hopefully, soon it would become a hobby.

4.  Engage in discussion

After reading a book, discuss it with them and ask them about what they liked and disliked, these kinds of thought-provoking discussions will help organize the child’s thought about the books and will help them form an opinion about the kind of books they like, empowering them to read more. Moreover, these will help gauge the child’s reading comprehension so that it can be assessed whether the level of books the child is reading is appropriate to contribute to growth in their reading ability. Not only does this assist the child to move onto tougher material it also shows their overall interest in books.

5.   Set goals and keep them fun (especially since it’s Christmas)

Having something to work towards, really improves a child’s engagement in anything and is a strategy used by parents and teachers so the same thing can be applied to reading. Goals like ‘read three books during these Christmas holidays’ can be fun and get them a little competitive to read a book or more. You could also try playing this fun reading game for Christmas if you are getting together with family, and get a good laugh! When reading is enjoyable, achieving goals becomes easier even if it is something like go as fast as possible.

These things have worked for me in the past and I hope these can continue to do so. Thank you.

Sumbhav M is a KS3 student in Dubai. He has read over 500 books, his all-time favourite authors are- Anthony Horowitz and Rick Riordan. Sumbhav enjoys adventure and fantasy fiction, and true to his boyhood is looking forward to exploring more non-fiction texts in the coming months.

Top 9 technology solutions for your classroom – bett2020 finalists

Bett Finanlists- Top 9 classroom technologies

by Kabir M- KS3 student, Dubai

Kabir is an avid reader, a diligent student and the son of the founder of Browzly. He was motivated to review these best apps in education- the finalists of Bett2020 awards in the ‘Classroom aids for learning, teaching and assessment category’. These views are not necessarily those of Browzly Ltd, neither are they endorsed or influenced by Browzly. This blog was published as it was created with basic text editing to bring a student’s perspective on technologies recommended for classrooms.

The Education sector is rapidly changing and becoming increasingly reliant on modern technology. It’s no wonder that teachers and educators are constantly trying to find innovative yet effective ways to use mobile apps and other technologies to teach and manage their learners. As a student myself, from personal experience, I feel that this is an extremely difficult task because when it comes to technology, students may often be less engaged in learning itself and focus more on recreation. Luckily there are experts who are at hand to help shortlist the best & latest apps for classrooms and education. In this article, we meet 9 Edtech enterprises that have been hand-picked to be Bett 2020 finalists in the ‘Classroom aids for learning, teaching, and assessment’ category. Check out the shortlist, maybe they can provide you with some assistance in finding what works for your classroom? 

But first of all what is Bett? Bett is a leading industry show held annually in London that showcases the latest technological advancements in Education, bringing together 800+ leading companies, 100+ new Edtech startups and over 34,000 attendees from the global education community. Now that we know more about Bett let’s see these top 9 technology companies that have been selected as finalists (arranged in alphabetical order) in the classroom aids for learning, teaching and assessment category

1. Britannica Digital Learning – LumieLabs

Lumie Labs by Britannica Digital Learning provides a digital platform with a video editor and content library for students to capture, create, share and collaborate on their subject learning via videos, whilst teachers can still provide feedback when necessary. 

What do I like about it?

-Focuses on student learning with the engaging video format 

– Provides activity suggestions & encourages storytelling

Even better if

-There was a way to try it out through the website so I could see it myself.

2. Browzly by Browzly Ltd is a personalised reading for pleasure ed-tech platform that is proven to improve reading engagement amongst students aged 6-13. Students are connected in a social community with their school members to share, review (text or video), like, appreciate and talk about the books they read. Teachers can easily observe and assess reading, writing & presentation skills, engage parents and create interesting home and class activities to share with their class. Based on the reader-age and reported difficulty level of the books marked read, the software provides a personalised list of recommended books for every child to discover titles that may be interesting and challenging for them, taking out the need to constantly test the child to establish their reading levels.    

What do I like about it?

-I like that Browzly connects friends in a social community to support independent reading, this is very innovative. I like finding out what my friends are reading and also the video review feature that helps creative reflection on the books students read. I especially like making video reviews and seeing those by the other readers. 

Even better if 

-There was easy sign up directly from the app, right now you need to be added by Browzly or by your school.

3. Edukey Education – Class Charts

An AI-based solution that helps teachers create & optimize seating plans based on student behaviours. It tracks and assesses both negative and positive behaviours of students, using a points-based system, to reduce disruption. As parents can also be invited and are able to also view their child’s behaviour, students are encouraged to be the best they can be. 

What do I like about it?

Class charts is used in my school and I like it’s easy to use interface. It is innovative & insightful for parents and teachers

Even better if?

-Negative behaviours were not shared publicly, we know that positive reinforcement can do wonders for anyone but publicly losing points can be depressing for the children who feel singled out. 

– I also worry about any negative incidence happening by chance, will it give me a big negative point that will get me into trouble.

4. Fiction Express- Boolino

 Fiction Express provides weekly stories written by their authors, for children to read, vote, take quizzes, do activities and chat with the authors. Once children read the week’s story, they vote on how the plot should shape next- giving authors cues to take the story forward, to keep the stories engaging. 

What do I like about it?

-It has very nice and easy to use interface

-The interactivity and influence of the students in shaping the story plots

Even better if

-The number of books was increased to give a wider reading selection to students, who are keen to indulge in a wide variety of genres. Also maybe there could be more popular authors coming sometimes. 

 5. Hope Education – E.a.R.L Coding Robot

E.a.R.L is a floor robot equipped with lights, sounds and a transparent body for KS1 students to start coding and programming. Students can create and debug simple programmes compatible with Scratch. 

What do I like about it?

-The transparent design allows students to see the  hardware inside the Robot

-It looks like a board game- possibly very engaging for young learners. 

Even better if?

-It looks great for KS1 students, however, older children, like me, may want to have a more advanced version to use.

6. Learning by Questions – Learning by Question  

LbQ is a web-based app that provides curriculum-aligned Question Sets for English, Maths & Science for students from Yr 1 through Yr 11. Arranged by topic, learning objectives and year group, the questions are in multiple-choice format and provide immediate feedback to the students to support & complement the teachers. LbQ was a finalist in Bett 2018, winner of the innovator award in 2019

What do I like about it?

-On first glance, LbQ looks very comprehensive 

-The website allows you to go through sample questions to understand the format

-It offers affordable sign-up options

Even better if?

If the screens were less crowded, they had lesser text to help capture user focus more easily.

-The UI was made more enjoyable and perceptive for students to be engaged

7. Satchel – Satchel One

Reported to be used by over 1600 schools in the UK, Satchel one is an established ed-tech brand offering an all in one platform with 6 different apps to choose from on the menu, one each, to manage homework, attendance, seating, timetables, behaviour and content. Demos for each of the tools can be arranged through the website and someone from the Satchel team promises to get back to you within 1 day.

What do I like about it? 

The images on the website provide an easy to use interface for all 6 apps with built-in analytics

– It takes care of the essential administrative workload a form tutor/ class teacher has to contend with

Even better if

-There were more insights into why Satchel one is better than other software offering the same solutions i.e. behaviour management, timetables, content, seating etc.  

8. Net support – Really School

Reallyschool automates the tedious and manual capturing and tracking of classwork of students in early years and primary school. Using an ipad, teachers can take pictures and add text or voice notes to record their observation whilst in the classroom. Parents can also be added to see and feedback to their students. It can be accessed through the app as well as the website that looks quite clean and easy to understand. Some of the features include: Recording assessment scores and percentages, Recording evidence of work (pictures, video, digital media), identifying child-initiated and adult assisted activities, adding notes and comments to submitted work. 

What do I like about it?

All in all Really School looks effective in making everyday tedious jobs for a teacher quick and less paper consuming.

Even Better If 

Students could also be connected to see positive comments from their teachers and parents.

9. Texthelp – WriQ

WriQ is an extension for Google Docs that automatically grades papers digitally so that teachers can save time by not having to manually read and assess them. WriQ is available across many platforms – ioS, android, chrome and window for individual, class and district licenses. 

What do I like about it?

It provides a simple single-minded solution that assesses digitally written papers

Effective and useful for teachers who may teach more than one class at a time, it allows the teacher to devote more time and effort into the actual content of the lesson rather than a homework Essay.

Even better if

The technology would help in the assessment of handwritten texts. The ability to write by hand is an important skill that students need to build from primary through secondary years so assessment of only digital texts is unlikely to reduce teacher workload, However, it may not be necessary to practice handwriting in later education.

– There was some motivation to improve your work. I believe as a student myself that it is crucial that your teachers read and appreciate your work, it is an important part of students’ motivation to produce better quality writing. Removing teacher assessment totally from subjective texts, I think, is not very advisable, whilst there is a need to reduce teacher workload, this goes a bit too far in my opinion.


In conclusion, I must say, I enjoyed learning so much about the future of classrooms and I am looking forward to seeing how these top technologies will make my lessons more interesting. It doesn’t matter who will be the final winner – all of these shortlisted best 9 educational mobile apps and technologies address different aspects of learning, teaching, and assessment in the classroom and therefore they all have the ability to make an impact when implemented, as every classroom is unique the same can be said for every student

How Browzly improved reading for these students?

Browzly Ltd released results of the impact on students’ reading and engagement based on the 13 months of usage of Browzly Reading for pleasure program in Dubai British School together with the results of 2019 Browzly Summer Reading Challenge. This year’s challenge had 175 students from 8 schools participate. The schools included Gems Modern Academy, Kings Nad al Sheba, Gems Cambridge International, The Millennium School in Dubai, Dubai Scholars Pvt Ltd, The English College, DBS and DBS JP. You may also read this article published in the Gulf News, the biggest English daily in the UAE.

Haneya Multani 3 times winner of reader of highest number of Books with another participant principal DBS & Founder of Browzly

Haneya Multani, Year 5 student at DBS, read 147 books this summer to win the 2019 title of Reader of the highest number of books for third year in a row.

“At the start of this summer break, I asked Haneya if she would like to take part in the Browzly reading challenge and she told me that she would love to win three times in a row. I am so happy that she has achieved the goal which she had set for herself.  The Browzly app itself has come a long way since then, this summer break, the app helped her in figuring out which genre of books most students were reading. So, whenever she would run out of ideas for the next book to read, she would look at which books others are reading. She also enjoyed reading book reviews by her friends on Browzly”.

– Haneya’s mother Rabbia Qaswar

Rabbia feels that reading more has helped her daughter develop vocabulary, made her writing mature and improved comprehension Belle Hererra from DBS won Creator of the best video review title- for her fantastic review of ‘Call me Alastair  by Cory Leonardo’ and also the  Writer of the best text review award for her review of ‘The Shapeshifter’s Guide to Running Away by Lori Don’ in the 9-13 age group.

“Belle is what you might describe as an “avid reader”. She and her identical twin sister, Venice, use every spare minute to read – on the school bus, at the breakfast table, in the car, on school break and lunchtimes. Keen readers will always be hungry for more, and apps like Browzly provide the ideal platform for children to share and promote their favourite books”

– Stephanie Hererra, the library teacher at DBSJP & Belle’s mother

“I am very, very happy to win my award! I love reading so much and love choosing new books. My favourite kind of books to read are adventure and funny ones. I liked using the Browzly App with my Mum in the holidays, it’s fun to scan the books and see what other kids are reading too”

– Edward Menadue, Student of Dubai British School

“We are delighted that Edward has been recognised for his love of reading books. He has honestly been a bookworm since he was a toddler. Now he is choosing his own titles, reading chapter books independently. He is performing at a high standard particularly in reading, comprehension and writing. Edward’s reading has also developed his ability to concentrate for long periods which impacts on his class work”

– Harriet, Edward’s mother upon her son winning the writer of the best text review title in 6-8 age category

Dubai British School (DBS), an outstanding rated British curriculum school by Taaleem, have been using Browzly as a student-led reading for pleasure program since July 2018.

“As Principal of Dubai British School I am very proud of the collaboration that has taken place over the past 18 months with Browzly. Bhavna Mishra, founder of this hugely innovative reading app, has worked tirelessly to develop and then refine a product which is unique. Reading for pleasure is central to the curriculum at DBS, our ethos is one where enjoyment is key to all learning. Browzly creates opportunities for connecting students through written and video book reviews, participation in summer reading challenges and the sharing of the love of a thoroughly good book”

– Simon Jodrell, Principal Dubai British School

Starting July 2018, students at DBS connected to record the books they read, add their reviews, swap books and also participate in 2 rounds of Browzly Summer Reading Challenge in 2018 and 2019. This 13-month (424 days) of usage, generated collective data from 147 DBS students, this was split into two halves of 212 days each to compare and contrast the impact of Browzly Reading for pleasure program on DBS students reading

The data shows that during the course of the year, average student engagement with reading improved significantly to triple the number of reading-related interactions, per student 2.5 times more books were read and the number of reviews added more than doubled from first to the second half of use of Browzly.

Reading Engagement is defined as students doing any of the following activities on Browzly to demonstrate their involvement with reading- adding a book they read, reviewing a book, adding a book or requesting a book to swap, liking a friends reading activity or talking about it, adding a book they wish to read or requesting a book from their school library.

“We are thrilled with the results from DBS use of Browzly. It’s great that the students love it. We are also very proud of the Browzly annual reading challenge, running since 2017, it has been a popular event with parents and children. At DBS we have seen participation numbers rise every year with more students reading more books with more engagement. In the 2019 challenge, the number of participating students from DBS doubled, number of reviews added grew by 55% and we saw a 35% increase in number of books marked read. The challenge has also been found to be very successful in discovering & rewarding gifted and talented children like Isha R Nair, Yr. 1 student of Kings School Nada Al Sheba and winner of two titles- The reader of the highest number of books and Creator of the best video review in 6-8 age category”.

– Bhavna Mishra, Founder of Browzly- A reading for pleasure program for classrooms and families

Isha read 67 books and added 13 video reviews this summer. While all the reviews by Isha were of high quality, the jury adjudged the content, presentation style as well as creativity the best of her review of Matilda by Roald Dahl.

“What began as curiosity at home developed into a passion under the wonderful guidance of her school librarian, Mrs. Khan, who motivated her to read voraciously. Isha also developed the habit of enacting monologues from some of her favorite books, thereby improving her vocabulary and presentation skills. Browzly was an icing on the cake since she was excited more by the idea of being able to record book reviews which would motivate other children to read. Browzly has helped her challenge herself to raise the bar by reading more and more” Abi also feels that reading has broadened Isha’s horizons, her general knowledge and awareness levels are ahead of her peer group, “we always felt she could join in a discussion on any topic because reading has given her the knowledge and the vocabulary”.

– Abi mother of Isha R Nair wrote

“I love reading… Every time I start reading a book, the characters come alive and it feels as if I am part of the story.. I just cannot take a break from the book till I have read it end to end and sometimes I even read the book over and over again. Reading non – fiction is also something that I love, I get to learn so many facts related to things around me.
I am lucky that my teachers at school allow me to read all kinds of book – even though sometimes they are meant for older children. I love introducing the characters and explaining about the book that I am reading to my friends and I was excited when my mother told me that we could record my reviews for Browzly. I now record the review of almost every book I read. Books are so important to me, its like having a best friend with you all the time”

– Isha R Nair, student of Kings School Nad El Sheba

“The study at DBS, as well as conversations with parents, reinforce to us the importance of reading for enjoyment and the role of parents and teachers in developing student attitudes towards reading. Lack of enjoyment is the biggest hurdle in children reading, that’s why reading for pleasure is important at home and in school” said Bhavna Mishra

Why reading engagement matters?

An analysis of more than 174,000 students’ Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) scores revealed that the connection between reading engagement and reading performance was “moderately strong and meaningful” in all 32 countries examined, including the United States*. On average, students who spent more time reading, read more diverse texts and saw reading as a valuable activity scored higher on the PISA’s combined reading literacy scale. Overall, students with high reading engagement scored significantly above the international average on the combined reading literacy scale, regardless of their family background. The opposite was also true, with students with low reading engagement scoring significantly below the international average, no matter their socioeconomic status.

Looking at only American students’ PISA scores, we see that reading engagement had a higher correlation with reading literacy achievement than time spent on homework, relationships with teachers, a sense of belonging, classroom environment, or even pressure to achieve (which had a negative correlation). In addition, a regression analysis showed achievement went up across all measures of reading literacy performance when reading engagement increased. Although the PISA only assesses 15-year-olds, similar patterns can be seen in both younger and older American students. In 2013, the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) compared students’ National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) reading scores with their reading habits.4 For all age groups, they found a clear correlation between the frequency with which students read for fun and their average NAEP scores: The more frequently students read, the higher their scores were.

Browzly is a reading for pleasure online school program offering innovative and affordable reading engagement and reading for pleasure strategies for classrooms and families for their students to read more. Reviews posted by students in the 2019 Browzly reading challenge can be viewed on the Browzly blog


* Kirsch, I., de Jong, J., Lafontaine, D., McQueen, J., Mendelovits, J., & Monseur, C. (2002). Reading for change: Performance and engagement across countries: Results from PISA 2000. Paris, France: Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

How to make the most of a winning book review?

2019 Browzly Summer Reading Challenge Results
2019 Browzly Summer Reading Challenge winners and winning reviews

Well! we’d say, print them on a bookmark, and stick it in your library copy! You can do exactly this for the winning book reviews from the 2019 Browzly Summer Reading Challenge! Read on to see which books did the winners of our Summer reading challenge read and review and download their book reviews as bookmarks for your library copies! Video reviews can be viewed by scanning the QR code printed on the bookmarks! If you wish to read what our winners said read this article that appeared in Gulf News, the biggest English daily in the UAE

The Shapeshifter’s Guide to Running Away by Lari Don- Winning Book Review (Text) by Belle Herrera, Student of Dubai British School

Buy the book here or download the bookmark for your library copy

“I re-read this trilogy of books by Lari Don during the summer holidays. The books follow the fortunes of Molly and her friends Innes (a Kelpie), Atacana (a sphynx), Beth (a dryad) and Theo (an elemental desert magician). The friends make a vow to help each other lift their curses, Molly’s curse is to turn into a hare every time a dog growls. Imagine how inconvenient that would be! The book is exciting with some great humour especially from Ines who really made me laugh. Recommended if you enjoy books like Harry Potter or First Aid for Fairies.” -Review by Belle

Call Me Alastair by Cory Leonardo- Winning Book Review (Video) by Belle Herrera, Student of Dubai British School

Buy the book and download the bookmark for your library copy. The bookmark has the QR code encoded so children can scan them with their devices to watch the review

Video Review of Call Me Alastair By Cory Leonardo

Belle Herrera Winner- 2019 Browzly Summer Reading Challenge

Belle Herrera: Student of Dubai British School won two titles this year in 9-13 age category- ‘Writer of the best text review’ for her review of ‘The Shapeshifter’s Guide to Running Away’ by Lari Don& ‘Creator of the best video review for ‘Call Me Alastair’ by Cory Leonardo.

Keep scrolling for more reviews and bookmarks…

Esio Trot by Roald Dahl– Winning Book Review (Text) by Karthika Manoj, Student of The Millenium School Dubai

Esio Trot By Roald Dahl

Buy the book here and download the bookmark

“Esio Trot” is the story of a man who tries to please the woman he loves. Mrs. Silver is a tortoise crazy, and is unhappy that her lovely little tortoise, Alfie, is not growing up to be big! Mr. Hoppy seizes this opportunity to make her happy. He writes a few lines claims they’re magical and asks Mrs. Silver to repeat them until Alfie becomes bigger. Mrs. Silver follows his advice religiously. Mr. Poppy is able to get all different sizes of tortoises with the same shell colour as Alfie, and keeps replacing them one by one instead of Alfie, to create an illusion that Alfie is slowly growing in size! Finally, he makes Mrs. Silver so happy and asks her to marry him. Mrs. Silver, finally, becomes Mrs. Hoppy! “Esio Trot” is a wonderful book! It is so ridiculously simple and funny, and yet so lovable!- Review by Karthika

Co-winner Writer of the Best text review- 2019 Browzly Summer Reading Challenge

Karthika Manoj, student of The Millennium School Dubai was the co-winner of the title ‘Writer of the Best Text Review’ for her review of ‘Esio Trot’ by Roald Dahl in 9-13 age category

Matilda by Roald Dahl– Winning Book Review (Video) by Isha R Nair, Student of Kings School Nad al Sheba

Matilda by Roald Dahl

Buy the book here or download the bookmark for your library copy. The bookmark has the QR code encoded so children can scan them with their devices to watch the video review Scan the code to watch video review of Matilda by Isha R Nair

Isha R Nair

Isha R Nair, student of King School Nad al Sheba was the winner of two of our very coveted titles- ‘Creator of the Best Video Review’ for her review of ‘Matilda’ by Roald Dahl & ‘Reader of the highest number of books’ in 6-8 age category

Captain Underpants and the Perilous Plot of Professor Poopypants by Dav Pikey– Winning Book Review (Text) by Edward Menadue, Student of Dubai British School

Captain Underpants and the Perilous Plot of Professor Poopypants by Dav Pikey

Buy the book here or download the bookmark

George and Harold cause trouble at school again. The evil new science teacher Professor P wants to get rid of children’s laughter and Captain Underpants too. He shrinks the school with George and Harold in it. They get Mr. Krupp or “Mr. Pottybiscuits” help by turning him into Captain Underpants who saved the day (and the school)- Review by Edward

Edward Menadue- Winner 2019 Browzly Summer Reading Challenge in 6-8 age category

Edward Menadue, student of Dubai British School was the winner of the title- ‘Writer of the Best Text Review’ for his review of ‘Captain Underpants and the Perilous Plot of Professor Poopypants’ by Dav Pikey’ by in 6-8 age category

Haneya Multani, a student of Dubai British School, took the title of ‘Reader of the Highest Number of Books in the 9-13 age category, winning this title for the third time in a row! Haneya participated in the very first reading challenge by Browzly in 2017 and has been a regular and avid reader on Browzly since then. Haneya is not only a big reader but is also an accomplished writer having written a short children’s story called ‘The Cursed Fang and the Magic Paws’. The book is available on Amazon! You can order it here!

Sophie Anderson Jury 2019 Browzly Summer Reading Challenge and author of Children's Books The House with Chicken Legs and The Girl who Speaks Bear
Sophie Anderson
Simon Jodrell

“We are very thankful to our jury – author Ms. Sophie Anderson & Mr Simon Jodrell Principal Dubai British School for taking the time to assess the winning reviews and motivating the participants to give their best”

Browzly- A Proven Reading For Pleasure Program

Browzly is a proven Reading for Pleasure program created with the purpose of making reading enjoyable for every child. We have options to support and sign up families, classrooms, and schools of all different abilities and resources. All we are looking for is your belief in the power of reading for enjoyment! Learn more on

‘How to make Slime’ books and supplies- Fun Summer Activity

Summer is here and the days are long, what’s an afternoon without a bit of messy fun. Here are our picks of best books about ‘How to make Slime’ and also some cool resources to get you going.

Our Top Spot Goes to

Ultimate Slime: DIY Tutorials for Crunchy Slime, Fluffy Slime, Fishbowl Slime, and More Than 100 Other Oddly Satisfying Recipes and Projects–Totally Borax Free!
If you think playing with Slime is fun, creating it is even better! That’s why we are doting over Ultimate Slime, which has over 100 borax-free recipes from the CraftySlimeCreator Alyssa Jagan

Popular Instagrammer  @CraftySlimeCreator alias Alyssa Jagan came up with the Ultimate Slime that makes creating gorgeous, satisfying slime look easy! 

Starting with the basics, the recipes, include kid-safe slime, fluffy slime, clear slime, slushy slime, slime with vibrant colors and all kinds of mix-ins to create confetti slime, iceberg slime, floam—and many more. Here is a look at the contents page of this book to see what you can make, if you wish to buy Ultimate Slime, you may click here







To make the recipes, we also found you a supplies kit that will give you possibly everything you need to try them out.

106 pack Slime Making Kits Supplies, Gold Leaf, Foam Balls, Glitter Shake Jars, Fishbowl Beads, Fruit Slices, Fake Sprinkles, Glitter Sequins Accessories, Slime Tools,Sugar Papers (Slime Kits), will give you all that is needed to try out the  recipes in the Ultimate Slime, so if you are going to get your hands all slimy then do it in style, with this kit.

On number 2 is Karina Garcia’s Next-Level DIY Slime
Gives you 15 borax-free recipes from YouTube sensation Karina Garcia.

In this book, the follow-up to the bestselling Karina Garcia’s DIY Slime, Karina provides recipes with new and mesmerizing scents, textures, and shine- with names like Mermaid Dream Fishbowl Slime to Teddy Bear Slime, these recipes look surely amazing, if not next level. Check out Holographic, Super Gloss, Ultra Crunch, Color Changing, Instant Clear, Slushie, Butter, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Cloud, Candle, Jelly Cube, Highlighter, Cereal, Fishbowl, and Taffy slime-all with crazy, cool modifications!

There are also some personal tips on removing slime from clothing, keeping slime fresh, and becoming a professional with slime. This book is recommended for crafters ages 10 and up. We also found you a smaller kit of supplies called the 70PCS Slime Add-Ins Slime Kit for Girls and Boys Floam Beads Fish Bowl Beads Mreaind Unicorn Slime Charms Glitter Jars Slime Supplies Kit.

On Number 3 is Slime: 23 Kid-Friendly Slime Recipes with Everyday Ingredients By Mia Kennedy
This book shows you how to make kid-friendly slime without spending on extra supplies as the recipes use everyday ingredients available in most homes and kitchen cupboards. Plus, You may not have to worry about getting a shouting, as these slimes are water soluble and hence easy to clean too!!! Win-win for both parents and kids!

This guide gives:

  • 23 borax and gum-free recipes that are simple and need everyday ingredients like liquid starch, condensed milk, toothpaste
  • How to make simple slime recipes, some containing only two ingredients like the Edible candy Slime!
  • How to make glowing slime, with the most unlikely ingredient, this one would mesmerize everyone.
  • Step by Step fail-proof and clear directions
  • How to avoid common slime making mistakes, and troubleshooting for faulty slimes.
  • How to safely make and preserve slime

We hope you like our recommendations of ‘All about Slime’ books and supplies, use the links to buy or leave us a comment. Keep reading, keep having fun!

Browzly helps make reading in school fun and also helps schools communicate with each other, check out our website. To enroll in our upcoming 2019 Summer Reading Challenge or try Browzly in your school or class, write to us on

Happy Sliming!


Please note: Slime is not edible, so don't ever eat it. Also, be careful not to stain any walls, sheets or sofas in your house, best to head to the garage or spread a newspaper on the floor before you start, so everyone is happy. Non water soluble Slime stains can be hard to get rid of.As an Amazon Associate, Browzly earns from qualifying purchases

How to make teacher-student communication cool & reliable?

As a school parent governor and a parent myself, I often hear complaints from parents about missing important school updates. Parent partnership in schools is very often an area of opportunity, which, if maximized can benefit schools in many different ways. The school post feature of Browzly aims at solving exactly this problem- communication and connectedness. Communication for all different users – teacher-parent, teacher-student, and school – parent and even from parent governing body to other parents, can all be substantially improved using the Browzly school portal and app

Here are 10 reasons why Browzly Communicator is a superior option to those most often used?

  1. Extremely easy to use interface (view the video to see it in action): Posts are created through a web-based online dedicated school portal made accessible to school admins and teachers and can be viewed by school users on their devices, laptops or desktops through the Browzly app or the website.
  2. Attractive & friendly UI with the ability to show videos, images, and pdf files: Most social media does not allow upload or viewing of pdf files and many school communicators would need you to download any files before viewing. On  Browzly, school users- parents, students, and teachers can optionally view, search and save posts appearing in the school post feed on Browzly.
  3. No irrelevant posts- target your audience as required– Instead of school members having to set their post preferences, Browzly gives this control to post creators- the teachers and school admins. So each post can be targeted to customized and relevant school members who need to be communicated to. eg- teachers could create posts targeting just their class students or only their class parents, they could also select both. Heads of school may create posts targeting only the teachers.
  4. Notifications to select audience: When a post is created, a push and on app notification is sent to all the targeted members only- increasing the likelihood of your communication being successful as well as relevant.
  5. It’s interactive: Viewers can like and comment on posts- making it a 2-way communication! Get to know the feedback, take a poll or know who would be participating in your upcoming event/competition/meeting whatever it is that you post about.
  6. Keep it academic or use it as a full-fledged school communicator: Browzly is your school readers community but how you use the school post feature is up to you, eg- declare reading challenge winners and recommend books to read to keep it focused on literacy or share any school update, competition or homework, you can use it how you wish as school post feed remains separate from reading community updates!
  7. @mention specific school members: To bring attention to specific school members you can tag them in the comments section, and trigger a notification that gets their attention
  8. Step up your school parent partnership: Whilst Browzly already connects school parents to participate and help their school communities read more and swap books, giving school post creation access on the Browzly school portal, to your selected parent reps can help them send updates and communication to the parents in your school; helping them improve wider parent involvement and participation in your school events, fundraisers and communication.
  9. Come closer to your school members: Not just broadcast but get a chance to listen as Browzly allows you to view, moderate and participate in important discussions between your school members that happen on posts- both in readers’ community, on school posts as well as in chats that users are connected in when they swap books with each other. Keep a finger on the pulse of your school and stay close to their hearts.
  10. Cost-effective, private, secure & very fast to set up– Browzly delivers multiple solutions that foster a happy, secure, connected, learning community within schools, that encourage and inspire each other to connect, inform, talk, read, and swap books to make reading more fun and cool; Set up takes less than an hour and involves signing up school admins, teachers & families as well as uploading books from the school library, this process is made so simple that it can even be self-guided through easy to follow video tutorials and can all be completed in less than an hour! Each school community and its updates are only visible to members within its school and therefore all information remains private and secure.

To set up a trial for your school, write to or sign up on the website

If you would like to read about the 3 picture books to learn more about Ramadan, as featured in this video you can click here

If you teach in a school already using Browzly, just get yourself added as an Admin, to the Browzly school portal, by your Browzly school lead or admin and ask for access to the Community feature.



Blog post by Bhavna Mishra