Browzly is your school’s reading network created to help you and your friends at school to connect, read & learn together. Through Browzly, you may share what you read by simply scanning your book’s ISBN, see what others are reading, create book reviews in text or video format, see the books recommended just for you and make your reading records. When you add a book you have read, a comprehension quiz may pop up for you to take. As you read you will earn points for reading consistently, adding reviews as well taking quizzes. You will be able to see your Percentile score versus all other students on Browzly who are at the same age level as you.

Your teachers, when using Browzly, will also be able to share topic or book quizzes with you and track your scores and reading progress. Browzly encourages you to make independent reading choices and guides you with recommendations that might be most interesting and at the right level of challenge for you to help you progress in your reading. Through Browzly, you may also see books from your school library when relevant to your age level. Additionally, you may swap books from your home libraries with friends at school.

Browzly is created for students, parents and teachers use it to support you whether at home or in class. Students right from primary to sixth form use it successfully as the app personalizes automatically to each student’s age and reading levels.

You can be signed up by your teachers/school or parents. If your parents sign you up, your school ID will be verified so you can connect in the community of your school readers- verified students from your school or class. If you are signed up by your school, your ID is automatically verified. Once signed up, you will receive an invite email to sign in on Browzly.

No, Browzly is not an ebook reader, but you may find video or audio stories shared with you in posts and quizzes.

Read a book every day, even if it is for a little while and then login on Browzly to do the following:

1. Add to Browzly the books you finish and create a record of all the books you have ever read. Update your profile image to the character you love the most and get going.

2. When a book really impacts you, write a review for it or record a video to tell your friends, teachers and parents about it. You will get points reading consistency, adding valid reviews and taking quizzes when available.

3. Look at books recommended for you or those added as read, or to swap by others, now add to your wishlist, the ones that you would like to read. You may use this wishlist to select the books to get from your school library, to request from your friends in a swap or even when you visit a bookshop.

4. You can also add books you have at home and have already read to give away in a swap on Browzly, your friends can request books from you and you can request from them, just collect at school. Do remember to agree if they would like to get their book back or if there are any other terms.

5. Your teacher or Browzly may share activities, videos or images in the Posts section or quizzes in the quiz section so don’t forget to check these.

6. Invite your friends to sign up on Browzly so you can all connect and read together.

7. If your school added books from the school library on Browzly, you will be able to see the ones that are recommended to read for you.

8. Finally, don’t miss participating in the annual Browzly summer reading challenge that happens in July-August every year, you will be competing with all the children signed up on Browzly across different schools, for some amazing titles like reader of the highest number of books, writer of the best text review, creator of the best video review. Even a single book great review can make you the winner.

2020 Browzly Reading Challenge is a part of the Children's University Activities Network and you can earn stamps every week to mark your Children’s University passport by participating in it. Each stamp verifies that you have participated in the 2020 Browzly Reading Challenge for that week which means reading 1 or more books in that week and then adding them to your Browzly account together with a text or video review. Once you complete this you can mark your passports and later also add this code to Children’s University Online, the digital platform. The stamp code for the 2020 Browzly Reading Challenge is purple2122. This is unique for this activity and will help children see the skills and categories of learning linked to it. This code is set to 4 hours long. Each child can use this code maximum once a week until August 30th 2020.

To create a list of books read, you need to mark them as read on the Browzly app. To do this please tap on the Add (+) button at the bottom of your device screen and then tap on the button– ‘add a book you read’. You can either add the book by scanning its ISBN code or searching for it by its title or author and confirming the right book. You can also mark books as read when you see them on your community tab or through the book detail page. Once you add a book you read, it appears on your profile in your read list.

You can post a review for any book that you have read by tapping on the Add (+) button at the bottom of your device screen on the app or top right hand corner on the website after login, followed by the button that says – ‘add a review’. To add the book review- first find the book you wish to review by either scanning its ISBN code or searching for it by its title or author and confirming the right book. You can also add books reviews when you see them on your community tab or through the book detail page.

Your wishlist shows the books that you wish to read, books added to wishlist may or may not be available in your school library or swapshop.

The way to add to your wishlist is exactly how you add a book as read i.e. by tapping of the Add (+) tab, tapping on Add to wishlist and then searching for the book you wish to read by its ISBN/title/author or the keyword. Your wishlists will help your librarians, to decide on the books that the readers in their school most want to read and help them purchase them for your school’s library. You can see all the books you add to your wishlist in you profile. Keep them handy when visiting a library or a bookstore.

Yes, you can delete the books from wishlist by pressing on the book icon for a couple of extra seconds, when you will let go, the app will give you the option to delete that book from your lists. If logging in from website then you can double click on book icons from your profile screen.

You can change your profile picture by tapping on the three bars on the top left of your screen, selecting Profile on the slider screen and then tapping on Change Picture text next to your profile picture.

Your posts are visible the verified students, their parents and teachers signed in from your school. Members outside your school can not see your posts.

Your profile will be visible to your parents and verified teachers and students of your school only, when they click on your name or your picture. It will not be visible to members outside your school. Other parents even within your school will not be able to see your profile.

All members of your school can see your name, class, profile picture, books you marked read, your wishlist, books you listed on your school’s swap shelf and the reviews you wrote. teachers and your parents will also be able to view your Reading reports.

App shows report for the last full month and the months before that, if you wish to see the current period, please ask your teacher to login on their school portal and they will be able to generate customised period reports of you

The points and percentile score on the app correspond to your reading in the last full month only. To check points and percentile scores for the current month or any customised period such as all time score, your teacher can generate and share this with you by logging on their school’s portal.

We value the privacy of all of our users and we know you care about your privacy, so we created a Privacy Policy that explains the information we collect from users and how and when we disclose or use it. Please review the privacy policy and share with all the users in your family. Please note that for signing you up on Browzly, your parent or your teacher/school admin uploads your personally identifiable data that enables you to login and get appropriate book recommendations from Browzly. If you do not wish to share this please talk to your parents or your teachers.

The ‘Get from library’ tab shows those books that are recommended for you and are also available in your school’s library. You may add these books to your wishlist or press request Library button, as an information to your library teacher that you would like to get that book, on one of your next visits. The tab may or may not show all the books that may be physically available in the library, as Browzly does not provide the live library catalogue. When you request or get books out of your library, you must continue to follow the same rules that you have been following with all the library books up until now- for example- return the books on or before their due date.

The swapshop consists of physical books that are owned by members of your school and are available in their home libraries. By adding them to the swap shop members are showing their intent to give/swap or sell these books to fellow school members. Browzly helps you to easily add and request these books to exchange at school. You may wish to swap or sell your books for many reasons such as - you may have already read them or you wish to make space for some new ones. Books given away on the swap shop may or may not be returned, just remember to set your terms with the person you give them to. You may do it via the comments on the community. Please note Browzly is not responsible for loss of your or any members’ books for any reason.

a. On the swap shop, you can list any books that can physically change hands such as paperbacks, hardcovers or audiobooks, as long as they have a valid ISBN number on them. eBooks cannot be listed as they cannot be passed on.

b. You should list books in good, usable, and readable condition only

c. You must only list those books that are yours and you are willing to give them.

d. You must only list books that are legal and do not infringe any intellectual property rights, including but not limited to copyrights, trademarks, and patents.

e. You must not list any contents that may cause harassment of any nature to anyone or that are not allowed in the country of your residence.

To add a book to the swap shop, simple click on Add + button at the bottom of your home screen and then scan the ISBN code of your book or search for it by title/author/keyword. And yes, you can list any book in any language, that has an ISBN

Yes, you can deactivate your book listings via the Settings tab on the main menu bar. It is recommended that you make your book listings unavailable to other members, if you are not going to be available to respond to book requests for example- when out of town.

You can chat through comments when you ask for a book added to swapshop and agree on how, when and where you will get or give the book. Be sure to agree on if the book needs to be returned, if you need to pay for it by giving money or another book in return. Agree on your terms and then either meet to collect your book or ask them to drop it off in your name at school.

Browzly is a friendly & supportive community with a shared love of books and reading. The following behaviors will ensure a thriving community and a great experience for everyone-

1. Always be respectful and use proper language.

2. Add the books you have read to swap and post a text or a video review, to help your friends select books to read.

3. Reply if you are asked about a book you wish to swap, be clear on your terms and then follow through on your agreement such remember to return if needed or take them on the agreed day.

4. If you note any strange members in your school community, any disrespectful comments or inappropriate books, do report them through the app, website or by writing to At Browzly we take all necessary measures to ensure that communities remain safe and verified and no outside school members get access however we cannot guarantee that we will be successful at this at all times.

International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a unique numeric commercial book identifier that is assigned to each edition and variation of a book. For example, an e-book, a paperback? and a hardcover edition of the same book would each have a different ISBN. The ISBN is 13 digits long if assigned on or after 1 January 2007, and 10 digits long if assigned before 2007.

The ISBN can be found on the back or inside front cover of your book.

If you did not get an answer to your question, send us your question to us on along with your username and email address registered on Browzly