About Browzly and its users

Browzly is your school's reading network created to help you and friends at school to connect and create a community to read more and have fun in the process by connecting, sharing, swapping and getting access to school and home libraries of families in the school

Browzly connects school members to other members within their school. To be able to use Browzly your school needs to sign you up. The school can invite any of their students, teachers and parents to use Browzly.

Browzly is your school's reading network, if your friend is also in your school, then of course they should be able to use it once your school signs them up. Once your friend has received their login credentials to Browzly, they can download the Browzly app and start using it. Friends belonging to other schools, need to be invited by their school to their own school networks. If your friends wish to use Browzly, please ask them to write to their school, requesting to initiate Browzly trial for their school.

If you are invited by your school to use Browzly as a student, then yes, your parents, may also be invited to use Browzly by the school. Your school will inform you about this, once you or your parents get the email invite, you may download and use Browzly through the app or website. The invite email from the school will have the login credentials to download and sign in, so look out for the email invite.

No, Browzly does not provide any books to read online. It allows you to browse through and request books available in your school and home libraries of your school community

About Browzly base features

To create a list of books read, you need to mark them as read on the Browzly app. To do this please tap on the Add (+) button at the bottom of your device screen and then tap on the button– ‘add a book you read’. You can either add the book by scanning its ISBN code or searching for it by its title or author and confirming the right book. You can also mark books as read when you see them on your community tab or through the book detail page. Once you add a book you read, it appears on your profile in your read list.

You can post a review for any book that you have read by tapping on the Add (+) button at the bottom of your device screen on the app or top right hand corner on the website after login, followed by the button that says - 'add a review'. To add the book review- first find the book you wish to review by either scanning its ISBN code or searching for it by its title or author and confirming the right book. You can also add books reviews when you see them on your community tab or through the book detail page.

Your wishlist shows the books that you wish to read, books added to wishlist may or may not be available in your school library or swapshop. The way to add to your wishlist is exactly how you add a book as read i.e. by tapping of the Add (+) tab, tapping on Add to wishlist and then searching for the book you wish to read by its ISBN/title/author or the keyword. Your wishlists will help your librarians, to decide on the books that the readers in their school most want to read and help them purchase them for your school’s library. You can see all the books you add to your wishlist in you profile. Keep them handy when visiting a library or a book store.

Yes, you can delete the books from wishlist and from the library ‘books I requested’ tab, you can delete on the app by pressing on the book icon for a couple of extra seconds, when you will let go, the app will give you the option to delete that book from your lists. If logging in from website then you can double click on book icons from your profile screen.

You can change your profile picture by tapping on the three bars on the top left of your screen, selecting Profile on the slider screen and then tapping on Change Picture text next to your profile picture.

About Privacy on Browzly

Your posts are visible to the students and the teachers in your school. If your school has invited your parents to join Browzly, then parents will be able to see your posts as well. Members outside your school can not see your posts.

Your profile will be visible to the teachers and students of your school only, when they click on your name or your picture. It will not be visible to members outside your school. Your parents if invited and signed in will also be able to see your profile, but other parents even within your school will not be able to see your profile.

Other members of your school can see your name, class, profile picture, books you marked read, your wishlist, books you listed on your school's swap shelf and the reviews you wrote. They can also see the number of Swids you have available.

We value the privacy of all of our users and we know you care about your privacy, so we created a Privacy Policy that explains the information we collect from users and how and when we disclose or use it. Please review the privacy policy and share with all the users in your family. Please note that for signing you up on Browzly, your school uploads your personally identifiable data that enables you to login and get appropriate book recommendations from Browzly. If you do not wish to share some information about yourself, please get in touch with your school and request you to remove from Browzly.

About Browzly Library Feature:

The library shows books that may be available in your school’s library exclusively for your school members to request. Browzly allows you to browse through your school library from your device, in your own time, so you can select the books you would like to borrow on your next visit. The tab may or may not show all the books that may be physically available in the library, when you visit. This may be due to partial upload by your school librarian or the database missing a few ISBNs that could not be found upon upload or some books being out of the library at the time. When you get books out of your library, you must continue to follow the same rules that you have been following with all the library books up until now- for example- return the books on or before their due date.

At any point in time, you may request upto 4 books from your library, if you wish to request more books, you will need to delete your old requests by long pressing (on the app) or double clicking the book icon library (on the website) on the Books I requested tab in the library section on your app and update your book requests Requesting 4 books and updating increases the likelihood of you getting a book of your choice.

About Browzly® Swapshop

The swapshop is a virtual collection of physical books added on Browzly by school users, these books are physically owned and posted for swap by school members. You may wish to swap your books for many reasons such as - you may have already read them or you wish to create space for new ones, to give away some books that you may have grown out of or just for the want of sharing a good book with a friend. Books given away on the swapshop may or may not be returned, just remember to set your terms with the person you give them by connecting via chat or comments on community posts.

- On the swapshop, you can list any books that can physically change hands such as paper backs, hardcovers or audiobooks, as long as they have a valid ISBN number on them. Ebooks cannot be listed as they cannot be passed on.

- You should list books in good, usable, and readable condition only

- You must only list those books that are yours and you are willing to give them.

- Students must seek their parents’ approval to give these books, before listing them on their swapshop as once a member gets your book, they may not return it.

- You must only list books that are legal and do not infringe any intellectual property rights, including but not limited to copyrights, trademarks, and patents.

- You must not list any contents that may cause harassment of any nature to anyone or those that are not allowed in the country of your residence.

To list the book on the swap shop, you can simply scan the ISBN code of your book, from the listing screen on the app and list the book in just 2 clicks.

And yes, you can list any book in any language, that has an ISBN

Yes, you can deactivate your book listings via the Settings tab on the main menu bar. It is recommended that you make your book listings unavailable to other members, if you are not going to be available to respond to book requests for example- when out of town.

Through Browzly SwapShop, members can swap books using Swids, the swap credits. When you receive a book in a swap on Browzly, you will pay a Swid to the member whose book you received. Likewise when someone requests one of your books, you will receive a Swid in your Browzly account. Swids will be transferred from one account to another only when the requesting member has these in their account and marks the book as received. When a member lists a book on Browzly, it is available to request by other members for 1 Swid if swap is the accepted. Members may also choose to sell books instead of swapping. You can agree on these terms using chat or comments. When a book is requested from you, please remember to check on the number of Swids in the requesting person’s Browzly account and agree on how you wish to be paid- in Swids or in cash?

You will earn Swids when you:

  1. First list at least 3 books in your account – this will earn you 10 Swids
  2. Once your listed book is marked received by a requesting member, you will receive 1 Swid from their account.
  3. To maintain the Swid Balance you must also give books, you can do this by posting books that you may have and are high on people's wishlists or by recommending/reviewing the books listed by you.

Swids are debited from your account when you receive a requested book in a swap from another BROWZLY member and mark the book as received on the app

Once a listing member accepts your book request, you can connect with them through the Browzly app messaging and agree on a day when you will bring or send your book to the school. You could then, either meet to collect your book or ask them to drop it off in your name, in the designated Browzly Book Swap area in your school, if there is one assigned. You must remember to mark the book as received after you have collected the book to complete the swap and for the transfer of the Swid to happen, in exchange for the book you received

About Browzly values and code of conduct

Browzly is a friendly & supportive community with a shared love of books and reading. The following behaviors will ensure a thriving community and a great experience for everyone-

  1. Add the books you have read and write a few lines about them as a short review, to help your friends select good books to read.
  2. Follow up on all book requests placed on your book listings and remember to take them to school on the agreed day.
  3. List some books to swap, to get your school swap shelf going and when you get a book, mark book receipts to facilitate Swid transfers.
  4. If you don’t have swids, remember to mention this when you are getting a book, and agree on your terms and price.

Other General queries

The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a unique numeric commercial book identifier that is assigned to each edition and variation of a book. For example, an e-book, a paperback and a hardcover edition of the same book would each have a different ISBN. The ISBN is 13 digits long if assigned on or after 1 January 2007, and 10 digits long if assigned before 2007.
The ISBN can be found on the back or inside front cover of your book.

If you did not get an answer to your question, send us your question to us on support@browzly.com along with your username and email address registered on Browzly